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The New Book of


A novel


Rahmat Haroun Hashim

1. The First Night; The Genesis of Time
2. The Second Night; The Cytogenesis
3. The Third Night; The Phytogenesis
4. The Fourth Night; The Pools of Genesis
5. The Fifth Night; The Organogenesis
6. The Sixth Night; The Night of Questions.
7. The Seventh Night; Humano-genesis
8. The Gods And Goddesses of Cephellania
9. The Conference of Greek Gods and Goddesses
10. Mohammad Iqbal and Hyperendorphinism
11. The Trial
12. The Eternal Judgment.


In the Name of Allah, the Most Merciful and Compassionate.

Alhamdu li'llah rabbi'l-'alamin, in the name of Allah Who is Al-Mughni, The Enricher, and Who is Merciful to all His believers, all praise is due to Allah Al-Hamidi, The Praiseworthy, God of all universe. Wa'l-salatu wal'-salamu'ala nabiyyihi, all peace and blessings be upon His beloved prophet Muhamnadini'l-ladhi la nabiyya ba'dahu, He is His last prophet. Wa'ala alihi wa Sahbihi'l-ladhiyujahiduna bihamdini, His progeny are guides for seekers; his companions were chosen among the good and benevolent. May abundant peace and blessings be upon their souls?
Wa ba'du qala faqirun wa bil-fakhri wa'l-aqsiri, whence a destitute like me who realizes my superficial knowledge and weaknesses, wishes to say in an epistle.
After faru'l-ladhi murakkabun 'ala jahlin, thus I, the destitute strengthens myself to toil on it. Therefore the destitute appeals for guidance to God, Tuhan Sani'ul-'Alam and humbly asks the pen to Sayidul'-Anam and requests afwah to the four Companions, the al-akram. Thus the destitute herewith writes the chronicle, and therefore it is named as The New Book of Genesis.
May God As-Sabur bestow the destitute with patient to write the book under the guidance of Al-Hadi.
(Quoted and adapted from Hikayat Merong Mahawagsa)*

1. The First Night;
The Genesis of Time

Once upon a timeless time, there was a tale of a realm, told by a learned Guru. It was at a time when time had not begun. And presumably, the birth of time began at an arbitrarily reference of a given point. There was a particular moment in the order of time that separated the two realms, an apparent nothingness from a realm of spontaneous existence. The seemingly emptiness of virtual universe could only be visualized by the observing eyes of a time traveller that ventured into the abyss of mind. That was the world, said the Learned Guru where zero was not synonymous with naught or nil. In fact, a nihilistic realm was first present before the creation of space. The empty space preceded time of its uncertain origin. Not to mention about the ending of time. When would time die? It had been a riddle amongst scholars for ages. They argued tirelessly for indefinite time. Based on mere assumption that it had a beginning so it was expected that time would die any way, finally. Only those who wished to be immortals would celebrate the death of time.

If the idea that time had no beginning and neither ending were merely a mental product of an imaginative soul, subsequently time would be the same in the past, present and future. It became an impassable virtual realm, so static without any measurement of time by a second, a minute, an hour, a day, a solar year and even a galactic year. This was why, said another learned man, time would never die, as it had never been alive. It was always there if we looked for it. If we did not bother, it would be gone unnoticed, disappeared into thin air. And the time loss could never be redeemed forever. Such notions were not shared by the other taught men who believed that the existence of time was due to its Merciful spirit. Again, others fiercely challenged it for millenniums; the origin of time was based entirely on uncertainties and a purely assumptive cerebral exercise.

With the knowledge of uncertainties, everything had been vaguely portrayed by these uncertainties. So time was simply a continuous interval in a continuum, said the Learned Guru. Once lost, it was impossible to redeem it. Except in the dreams and imagination of historians and the sophists, time travelling beyond any realm was divinely desirable. But it was just a delusion. Nonetheless, in a virtual timeless realm, where time had not begun, the primal souls had been around, cruising at the speed of light, frequently collided with each other as they instantly disappeared and immediately reappeared.

It had been emphasized by the Learned Guru to his five disciples that space was much older than time. And God created an infinite space across the grand universe far beyond the aleph-zero[2], except to the Al-Muhsi[3]. It was a borderless infinity of the pre-time space where time had not commenced. Later, the infantile spaces appeared with finite borders and filled with galaxies and milky ways. The spaces became medium for planets, stars and suns.

Before the presence of the world line, the space according to the Learned Guru had only three dimensions separated from the dimension of time. The nihilistic space, which seemed to be empty and free from matters, was about to change into a shapely appearance. The empty space was actually an incubating realm for the particles and anti-particles to establish a historical link with the world line. It was the Learned Guru who mentioned that in this three dimensional space, the particles submissively followed to the Euclidean geometry, moving in a straight path collided with its anti-particles and completely disappeared for a brief period of time.

In a perfect nihilistic realm, each particle formed was immediately destroyed so the realm remained an empty space until there were leptons and quarks with His ad-Dzahir’[4]s determination, blew an intelligent spirit into these particles and started to weave the apparently an imperfect and yet to be an incomplete universe. When the spirit of time had been created, the as-Sa’ah[5] united with the three dimensional space. At this point, according to the Learned Guru, all particles in space, not necessarily moving obediently in a straight path but running through a gravity field, these spirited particles moved in a curve as mentioned in the theory of relativity that made the discoverer a lasting fame. That was a reason for another guru to relate hearsay, each creation originated from an error. Whether in the pre-time or in the post-time realms. With interwoven motions of particles in straight and curved paths, there were countless and innumerable creative collisions. The synthetic collisions generated intelligent spirits, which were formed by the fusion of the sub-atomic, sub-nuclear and supra-nuclear particles. These new particles rebelled against its natural enemies, despised from being constantly destroyed and initiated efforts to avoid collisions through deviations in curved motions. The formation of the new particles was blessed by His virtue of Al-Matin[6] Who was firm in creating universe a reality for the future dwellers.

A group of six leptons comprising of an electron, a muon, a tau, and three neutrinos decided to unite, pioneering efforts to establish a universe. Together with quarks and the support of photons and neutrons, they systematically avoided collisions that had vaporized them in the past, kept nihilistic realm in pit dark blankness. They united in harmony and rejected mutual destruction. The union made it possible for synthegenesis a reality in near future. Without it, there was no existence and there was no extinction. With the union, there would be a definite positive and there would be a definite negative. In between, the zero still had a value. In fact, according to the Learned Guru, in pre-time realm there was no presence and there was no absence as well but the Al-Muqaddim[7] was there before any presence and absence.

The new reformation shaped fleets of hadrons, baryons, mesons and pions which suddenly colliding each other in the tune of formation, in the new rhythm of primordial construction, in vibration of primal development; unreservedly on His deterministic will of al-Qadir[8], was in symphony with cosmic orchestra. Or were it the daimon[9] that acted as traffic controller of an early universe to regulate the complexity of beams and waves of audacious particles. Despite of the intricate trails of excitable particles, they continued to avoid ramming each other and its natural enemies as they united in matrimony to produce a much powerful generation with the blessing of Al-Muqtadir[10]. The newer generation initially possessed a weak electromagnetism but the dominion of celestial bodies was still subjugated by levitons of the levity. But later, from the marriage of divine particles, it gave birth to the gravitons, master of gravity.

The new realm was regarded as a finite space-time aeon, however its borders kept on aggressively expanding in line with the fundamental nature of Al-Basit[11]. This was the era of matters being created extensively and intensively. According to the tale of the Learned Guru, the birth of time began with the Big Bang in the late stage of the pre-time period. The birth of time delivered a dimension in the order of time that created the space-time reality. By means of fusion between time and space, both were conferred with spirits respectively. Together they formed the fourth dimensions with a new gas called helium in the company of microwaves as the background of the grand cosmos. It was a chaotic universe when the entire intelligent particles blew the trumpet of creation in synthesizing nucleus as the solid essence to a matter. The beautiful colours of creation decorated in the mind of the Learned Guru who travelled extensively through out the space-time realm via imaginative portals in the psyche part of the brain. All information kept in inaccessible part of the archive of the mind, had to be explored through delving into remote and secluded memory. Such ancient memory had been an innate constitution of the brain, which was passed from the pre-time space to the supra-conscious dreams of the Learned Guru.
The dancing of electrons, photons, neutrons and all sorts of elementary particles finally formed a spectrum of copious and innumerable atoms. The formation was consented by His al-Khaliq[12] and al-Bari[13], as well the intelligent souls that acted as facilitators. Then the atoms, just like its predecessors, moved restlessly in the space-time realm free from stars, planets and not even a single protostar. In zillion of an unknown quantum, they engaged and married to produce matters that filled up the chart beyond what were found on the walls. In the form of dust and cloud, they possessed a growing strength of gravity, which challenged the power of levity with all the help of new dwellers of the early universe.

The new dwellers knew more how to construct than to destruct. They united in a collapsing gravity to become much closer, more tightly bonded then became extremely hot till nuclear reactions energised the incubating infantile stars to be protostars.

The clouds and the dust of a giant molecule covered the entire protostars and began to settle down inwards until the stellar combustion had ended. From the clouds of creation came the existence of planets, stars, constellation, Ursa, galaxies, Milky ways and nebulas. All were the new dwellers of the universe, which were under the command of The Malik-Ul-Mulk[14] as The Eternal Owner of Sovereignty of the grand cosmos.

In the realm of space-time, while the inhabiting particles diligently assembled sub-nuclear particles to establish new bond with sub-atomic and supra-nuclear particles in the zest of composing new creation, at His will, the spirits of space and time collaborated in the formation of various new spirits. Zillion of particles participated to found a network of novel associations.

The bonds between various particles built new formation, a composed spirits with characteristic and formative features. Without these spirits, there would be no planets and galaxies to occupy the space-time realm.

Amongst the newly formed spirits, came the nativity of a soul that burned a fire, from extreme heat hotter that the sun to a burning filament with heatless emission. The soul of fire possessed a range of magnitudes, from the super hot to a minute spark. There were all in the Kingdom of Fire, from the burning of a hell to the burning fire that killed gluttonous cravers or the fire that killed addicted smokers. The soul of a fire became the element of the Devil and Satan who despised the command of his Creator.

Likewise, the intelligent particles formed the spirit of the wind that blew gently to the soft silky-smooth hairs of a virgin while whispering to her ears or turned into a violent gale that accompanied hurricane and cyclone. When together, the spirit of wind became genial to the spirit of fire; the whole universe befell into a chaotic hell that inexorably burned down, its illumination travelled million of light years.

As illustrated by the Learned Guru, the cosmic dusts and clouds formed the soul of soil from the centripetal forces of gravitons that later fashioned and developed stars and planets that filled the universe. The same thing described upon the spirit of water that existed much earlier but its physical manifestation was only materialized a bit later. When two hydrogen atoms bound with an oxygen atom for the first time, the spirit of water had formed a molecule of H2O. Whilst the spirit of fire ran amuck and met the spirit of water, it became vaporised as steam and once the spirit of water met the spirit of soil, it transformed into a dewdrop or into a heavy shower that filled pools, lakes, rivers and oceans.

The spirits of fire, wind, soil and water were the primordial souls that possessed formative characters. These souls were essentially the intelligent particles, the thinking particles that entered into living and dead bodies. In dead bodies, these particles behaved like souls that moved and vibrated as the proverb said, ‘dead bodies are not necessarily motionless’. With the spiritual souls, dead bodies could move to the eyes of the seers. In living bodies, the intelligent souls could cause numerous effects though a stream of al-Kimiya[15], its determined human behaviours from atrocious cruelness to philanthropic compassion. The spirit of fire grilled the flare of emotional sentiments. But the spirit of water would cool the blazing inflammation. At times, the spirit of water would freeze the emotion like an iceberg that froze your senses and made you speechless. So the Learned Guru called it, alexithymia.

While the spirits of soil according to the Learned Guru, developed muscle tissues in the murky water of the bioorganic pools, they then shaped the solid parts of the living tissues from the essence of the soil. Whilst the spirit of wind blew fresh air to the livings, The Al-Wahhab[16] bestowed ’pneumo’ to the living body-souls to breathe.

Without the four blissful spirits, created by Him, al-Musawwir, The Fashioner, the universe would not come into an existence. There were burning stars formed entirely by the spirit of fire. And there were stars made solely from the spirit of soil, leaving the barren planet with no living creatures. But the earth had all the four spirits in a perfect balance and harmony. The Learned Guru said, “Perfection is exclusively a divine Attribute of Al-Muqsit[17]. Fire, air, wind, and soil together in concert, the four united in accord to be the guarding souls, the protector of ecological equilibrium in the coming future.

In the chosen earth, the cooling down of its temperature was still in place. The jelly-like molten earth was yet to solidify. The liquefied earth was a spherical magnet, covered by an atmosphere of oxygen and nitrogen, products of the intelligent particles creating matters for four billion years ago, according to the Learned Guru. But another learned guru suggested an assumption that the universe aged at fifteen billion years. Next year, another guru would reduce it another billion. Or the year before, it was mentioned twenty five billion years. Now, it was twelve billion years from so-called the authority of reliable guessing.

Regardless of conflicting age of the universe, on the blue planet for hundred million of years, the spirit of water brought massive flood and filled water and its essence to the craters moulded by the impacting meteors that carried along with its’ celestial elements to the bed of the craters. From the sterile barren craters, the spirit of water filled up the craters and turned its pools and lakes as containments for the inorganic realm to be converted to a gigantic organic soup. Its composition was produced from the synthetic collisions between matters. And they physically and chemically united to become creative molecules that possessed by the intelligent souls.

At all times, the intelligent souls were permanently present everywhere. During pre-time realm, they bestowed time to space. Then the space-time realm ruled the universe until the time the Learned Guru was able to narrate his recital. For how many million galactic years the space-time realm would govern the universe, nobody even the Learned Guru could enlighten the duration to his disciples except for His essence of Ash-Shahid[18].

The reason given by some gurus, the dynamics of the universe were difficult to predict. The new virtual universe might appear separated from other existing and past universes. The parallel universe were independent from any collision, it operated in another reality. Each owned a domicile to reside. Moving on respective orbits in harmony with stable forces of gravity, the various universes maintained its autonomy with the intelligent souls kept guarding the sovereignty with the blessing of The Al-Malik as He is The Sovereign Lord, The Absolute King of the entire universe.

The intelligent souls were no other than smart particles that organised pattern, moved in formation at the speed of light, unlike the soulless particles travelled in solitary and collided each other in obliteration. They controlled the chaotic world of elementary particles then led to phenomenalism in lines with the ontological thinking from the past to the future. The intelligent souls continued to lead in hegemony whether in the pre-time or in the space-time realms, in fact in the entire order of times. Their abilities were beyond magic, according to the Learned Guru, they could transform into any shape or any silhouettes or any thing else. At the time when time was not there, they were the souls that created the time, so they were called the spirit of time.
In any order of time, the immortal intelligent souls were vigorous in making formations. Their perspicacity was far beyond perceptive comprehension. Being able to transform into numerous manifestations, they existed throughout all ages, in the past as well in the future. But according to the Learned Guru, even the souls had a life span.

When the trumpet of colossal destruction blew its echo in the air, the spirit of time would be destroyed and the time would vanish with the return of the pre-time dimension. This dimension was devoid of the space that once a patronage to the time.

Naturally, the intelligent souls were the one that created miracles. It was the moment when the miracles first began that led to other miracles. Cruising along the path of Al-Sa’ah, from the pre-time realm with the space existed without time, miracles after miracles happened though winding paths toward the era of pre-life realm. In the realm where life had not existed, the one classified as lifeless but moved at the speed of light. The spectacle marvels were causal effects of the chemistry of souls. From before the past, the previous time, before the present, now, before the future, the forthcoming until the futureafter, the entire order of time was under the domain of Al-Kimiya. It was a platform for the order in both virtual and actual realms.

Even in the pre-time realm, the chemistry ruled the phenomena either in astrophysics or nuclear physics. The chemical forces were active determinant in the realm before the past and futureafter.

From the collapsing cosmic dusts, the cloudy remnant of The Big Bang had revolved a molten sphere with gigantic droplets surrounding it. Amongst the glowing spherical planets, the earth was the most beautiful. The beauty was due to the reflection of photon beams from the burning sun that hit the earth’s surface. In fact, the sun was a chemical nuclear reactor aged at 4.6 billion years. It burnt helium and hydrogen though inexorable and continuous nuclear fusion reaction. Not knowing how to stop, the chained protons fusion reaction relentlessly kept the sun burning. The immortal self-burning sun knew only to transmit energy and cooked the earth in preparation to the next aeon of life. At times, occasional solar storms erupted from the loony sun, sending heat that dried lakes and oceans.

When the storms receded, then the rain befell to cool the sterile semi-solid lifeless earth. The semi-solid earth was a gambling ground for the spirits dicing around with the essence of life in the pre-living realm, said one guru. It was right from the beginning of the order of time till the epoch of the afterfuture. When life was created, death came to existence, and then the earth developed into a pugnacious field of survival. The fittest lived over the carcass of the dead as early as the unicellular organism. The struggle for survival had already taken place right from the kingdom of unicellular to the kingdom of multi-cellular of higher and more complex organisms. The killings and deaths were part of repetitive rituals in all-living realms, regardless the same species or not. In the semi-solid earth, when Pangea was yet to exist, there were no continents neither separating oceans. A single flat mass of land with no fissures and no cracks, the Pangea was initially lifeless.

Then came the immense flood surged the entire world together with the atomic shower radiating geomagnetic emission, making the flat land drifted away by the current of shallow ocean of Panthalassa. As the Pangea moved with the flow, the drifted continent had been pulled by the attracted forces of geomagnetism, the seabed of Panthalassa Ocean became wider and wider. As the result, said the Learned Guru, the flat land of Pangea split into cracks and fissures that separated the massive single land into several molten continents, drifting away from the poles. Subsequently, the Pangea broke into three. It was a trilogy. A trilogy that kept recurring in the afterfuture. A southern segment drifted in the Ocean of Panthalassa, was named as Godwana. Another segment drifted to the north was called Laurasia and the fragment of Pangea that was sandwiched between the two, was called by the Learned Guru as the Tethys. The trilogy of three continents separated by shallow oceans with the pools scattered across the continents, waiting for the miracles of brilliant chemistry.

When atoms slammed into a creative collision in the shower of electromagnetic waves together with the cosmic lightening, the miracles materialized from the ingenious hands of Al-Kimiya that energized the reactions. The reactions that generated end products, which were more, sophisticated than a mere basic chemistry of the inorganic. The molecules were the chemical miracles, which was stimulated by the sun. And at times without it, the miracle molecules existed in profusion to enrich organic soup through light-free entropy. A chemosynthesis as it was later called. In the era which molecules governed the realm, their roles were pivotal to the pre-life bio-spherical kingdom. Before the Kingdom was founded, the miracle molecules intelligently worked hand in hand to establish newer miracles. Competing to make the potion of life, brewing it into the organic soup, the new molecules synthesized organic materials to fill the pools that spread through out the surface of the new continents as far as the eye could see. With time, there was so much fluid to turn pools into lakes. From the lakes, it widened into a sea. Like a shallow sea, the water was as salty as the amniotic fluid.

In the shallow water, there were gigantic biological factories. At every corner of the pools, lakes and seas, factories were everywhere to synthesize the components of life from the intelligent molecules. The molecules were essentially the products of spirited particles that in the past had relentlessly fashioned the atoms through creative collisions. With the courtesy of the spirit of chemistry, al-Kimiya, the resourceful atoms wrought the intelligent molecules with respect to execute. Zillion of the intelligent molecules filled the pools of the organic soup that developed into a container for the formation of proto-genes. It was not the same, recalled the time travelling Guru, with Protogenes, a character in Eroticus by Plutarch. It was a homophone with different semantics. The proto-genes were a basic genetic molecule. When its nucleotides had interwoven with other nucleotides, the proto-genes became elongated into a lengthy combination. It was long enough to become a gene that was powerful and specific ability. The genes were one of the wonders created by the divine merit of Al-Badi’[19] that was unparalleled in the entire universe as there were no previous designs.

From that moment, gave birth to the theory of one gene one protein. According to the Learned Guru, the genesis was truly the making of a collection of genes. A gene was a unit of life, said the Guru. It was woven by the intelligent souls from the spirited molecules. Initiated by the dexterous move of a molecule to reorganize its arrangement, they had ecstatically transformed by the essence of Al-Alim, The All-Knowing, into a novel creativity. Amongst million of creative reactions, there was a brilliant and complex molecule. It was called polymerase. The astute enzymes were a skilful weaver, composing molecular motifs of the interwoven nucleotides. The associates of the pre-life realm joined the synthegenesis from the very first time in the formation of a biosphere. There was an initial point of demarcation, to separate life to non-life realms. The point had been a subject of intense discussions among scholars and gurus in the past, present and future. A vibrating entity was not a sure sign of life. Likewise, a moving object was not necessarily an indication of being alive. On the contrary, never to presume the static is dead.

With the polymerase as an enzymatic catalyst of the intertwining chains of nucleotides, the components of life were intricately twisted as spirals. They were magnificent chemical reactions but life yet to begin. Only the superb chemical synthesis participated to stew shallow water of the organic pools. In every corner of the pools, the chemistry of al-Kimiya ruled. No more rebellious acts but what happened in the pools was creative deeds in total harmony. The noble chemistry of the pools was to synthesize valuable proteins for pre-life realm in preparation to sail into a genetic journey to an uncertain destiny.

The era of bioorganic chemistry was not that lengthy as predicted by the assuming mind. Commencing from the uninhibited pre-time space, followed by the creation of time to the young space-time realms for which creative collisions took place to form atoms and matters. It was an aeon of inorganic chemistry. But now, it was an era for the organic chemistry to initiate the new epoch of pre-biotic reign.

It had been said repeatedly by the Guru, the movers were not necessarily alive. The life was more than simply moving. Being alive, it must develop and remain creative. In the era of organic chemistry when life had yet to exist but innovative chemical development was already dynamically progressive in great passion for creativity. The chemical creativity was strongly supported by the preceding and the new spirits. The spirit of space in combination with the spirit of time, together they formed the spirit of astrophysics that blew the intelligent souls to the spirit of chemistry. That was the ingredient of the pre-biotic realm where intelligent souls weaved nucleotides of life.

The chains of nucleotides were intertwined in a lengthy spiral where a five carbon atoms of a monosaccharide sugar, called pentose. The pentose received a radical group and turned into a ribose that united with nucleotides in the pool of organic soup to fortify it with ingenious chemicals, known as ribo-nucleic acid and popularly abbreviated as RNA. The curling coils of RNA chains wind with polynucleotide chains that filled the pools, waiting for the miracles to happen.

The miracles continued to take place. Later in unappreciated world, it was regarded as a natural phenomenon. It was not beyond comprehension to understand that a natural process was the result of a chemical play. Nature and nurture was said to be the work of the spirit of chemistry. The chemicals souls had great passion to establish new bonds between atoms. In the trade of particles’ exchanges, the newly established bonds created a pristine molecule and a newborn compound. Finally, the polynucleotide chains, with the approval of intelligent souls, became amalgamated with a phosphate atom to form a double helix spiral bridged by a hydrogen atom between bases of adenosine-thymine and cytosine-guanine. The atoms were once the dwellers of pre-time and post-time spaces. The same atoms from the celestial realm participated in the formation of proto-genes.

It was the most supreme chemical miracles ever created because genes, according the Learned Guru, was the unit of life. Even in the era of bioorganic realm, life had not begun. It was the smartest molecule of the period. In the coming future and afterfuture, the molecule would be known as the amazing ‘deoxyribonucleic acid’ or DNA. A brainy molecule possessed by the soul of the intelligence. The intelligent souls had the capability to combine various creative products of the organic and inorganic chemistry. According to the Learned Guru who was telling to his disciples that there were the intelligent polymorph souls that could transform into any imaginable shapes but refuted by the other guru who maintained that the intelligent souls were the spirits of physical chemistry, the smartest of all intelligent souls.

The super-smart DNA congregated the same kinds at an ultra-micro locus in the organic soup. All upon the will power of the spirits created by Him, al-Mubdi, The Originator and al-Jamii, The Collector. The uniting DNA gathered in the weaving pattern of double helix, was the governing reign of the new realm. They were the thrones of genetic constitution suddenly ruled and in command of the new realm. Numerous secret codes on borders, manufacturing, synthesis, bioenergetics, replication, reproduction, restoration, defence, housekeeping; all kept in the genetic vault in coiling and twisting labyrinth of double helix to deter from being traced, imitated and duplicated.

In the blink of an eye, the chemical realm abruptly changed into the domain of the genetic realm. The first step was to secure the secretive codes. It must be kept in a secured location with highly intelligent wall-like semi-permeable but firm membrane, which could selectively allow only desirable elements. Then one gene took the challenge. One RNA gene was called to come close to a locus of the reigning DNA genes. The RNA copied the genetic sequence of the assigned locality to become a messenger RNA. After copying the DNA, the RNA messenger carried the sacred codes to a newly open factory, an organelle responsible to construct a membrane that acted like a wall. The factory was called endoplasmic reticulum. Along the winding endoplasmic reticulum, there were ribosomes, the organelles to manufacture proteins. From these factories, a membrane was constructed to secure the borders from foreign intruders and sheltered the most sacred genetic codes in secrecy. Kept within, the genetic codes became a centre, was firmly enclosed by a nuclear membrane. Almost all the sacred codes were exquisitely placed in the centre, called a nucleus.

Despite having a spherical membrane fencing the nucleus, there were several entrances in form of nuclear pores to regulate the traffic of admittance and departure of unwanted and desired chemicals. But there were still unsolicited molecules, sporadically sneaked through these pores, at times causing some irreparable damages to the genetic sequence, so it was decided by the gene council to instruct a construction of another border which was broader than the existing one.

During the era of nuclear-genesis, the border was indeed a sensitive issue. It had been a sensitive subject ever since from the dawn of pre-time realm to the afterfuture. In deciding the border line of a boundary through out any order of time, there were always conflicts, battles, clashes, followed by devastations, aggressions and retreats, eventually between aggressions and retreats, there would be a new demarcation line. A new boundary had been made with neither victory nor defeat where no incursion and no retreat. For a transient period, the line was accepted only for a provisional duration until new conflicts, battles, crisis, disputes which shattered the impermanent border. A border was never permanent, a verity of truth as in the era of nuclear-genesis to the epoch of afterfuture. Should any victory to be awarded, it was always with the consent of Al-Mu’izz[20]. Always the border had been a mêlée at the expense of innocent blood. That was the reason for the council of genes to instruct the construction of another boundary to enclose its entity from the rest of the bioorganic pool.

According the Learned Guru, the boundary was a sign of sovereignty, freed from the chaotic environment of the pool. The governing council of genes had decided to exist as an independent cell. To materialize it, a new concrete biological and membranous wall had to be erected as a new entity. For that reason, the messengers had been sent to the factories to build the membrane. When the membrane’s construction was completed, then for the first time in history, a new pristine living cell was borne.

In another locus over the other craters, pools and in the shallow seas, billion and trillion of unicellular had been formed as single, freed and independent organisms. All were with the blessing of Al-Khaliq, Al-Bari and Al-Musawwir.[21] Each unicellular had liberated as a self-governing entity in spite of being in the same bioorganic pool. The synthesis of the cell’s membrane was a fundamental testimony that life initially wanted a seclusion and whenever possible to be boundless. That was the era prior the formation of a single cell, which the doctrine of Omnis cellula e cellula [22]of Virchow yet to be applied.

After the birth of the first unicellular, each and every cell would abide to the doctrine, each cell originated from another. With the presence of the new membrane, the internal fortification was in full swing. There were numerous aspirations already designed by the council of genes to plan an extensive reorganization. The blissful aspirations were so divine that the nucleus planned to enrich the council by making even more nucleotides with the help of a battery of selected and highly specialized chemicals in collaboration with polymerase and ligase. The two enzymes joined and elongated the DNA for the sole purpose of realizing the blissful aspirations to materialize chromo-genesis. From the chromo-genesis, the chromosomes were being created. The process augmented the strengthening chromosomes to be more established in quantity and quality. The chromosomes continued to govern the Kingdom of Unicellular, a single, sovereign, noble and exalted cell. All became possible because His quality of The Al-Jalil[23]. Not only in the universe but also in the nucleus where the chromosomes were resided, there was His essence of Al-Waali[24] Who directed, managed, conducted, governed, measured, planned of every action.

In the era of chromo-genesis, the intelligent souls contended in competing to weave genes. In fact, the genesis itself was nothing more that the making of the genes. The intelligent souls needed only to blow the blazing flame of the fire of chemistry that actively arranged the polynucleotides in a mesmerizing stereo of double helix. All measurements were in nano. There was a soul that weaved genes that spread the light of The Illumination; there was also a soul that interlaced the genes for the vivacity of trinity. There was a tantalizing soul that entwined genetic codes for the believers of nirwanasutra. However, there was a soul that knitted genes for agnostic conviction, as well. Adjoining a fragment of genes by another competing soul, the manifesting phenotype appeared to be compatible to the faith of Zen. A rebellious soul entwined a gene when in operation; its manifestation would reject The Creator of the pre-time realm. And for that matter, the wrongdoers had to face The Al-Muntaqim[25] for allowing the actuation of the condemned gene.

Nevertheless, there was a soul relentlessly composed genes that manifested, as al-Mu’min,[26] The Guardian of Faith, to ensure there would be no conversion to another belief and remained faithful for centuries. On the other hand, there was another soul persistently arranged a DNA sequence for the genes that facilitated the embracing of another religion or an alternative belief. Various souls had diverse crusading campaigns. Surprisingly said the Learned Guru, there was also a soul that created genes to enable the owner to deliver stories about the tale of pre-time realm, about the past and afterfuture. The archived genes were the history keepers. All was because of the blessing sanction of the Al-’Alim, He who knows. In line with the colossal scheme, there were souls that planned to appear billion years in future to suffuse the mind of a monastery priest to plant genetic peas on the lawn of a chapel. Likewise, there was a Sufi gene interwoven with the genetic council of Al-gazel[27] that allegedly defeated philosophical genes despite its domination in thoughts for thousand of years. Even the most evolved thought of man was no challenged to the virtue of Al-Muta’ali[28], The Most Exalted as He suffused chosen men with His merits.

The idolized Sufi genes held the highest regards from the admiring men of the future who desired to activate the genes that had been magically mesmerized by the ancient thinkers. Moreover there were the knowledgeable souls that slipped intelligent genes into the brains of the two gurus who discovered in future the double helix twist that would raise them to fame. The imagination of the two gurus had been incessantly mentioned in every book of molecular biology in future and in afterfuture, as well. Hence, all through the era of chromo-genesis, there were always supplementary enrichment of genes, only a very few occasions where reductions of genes had taken place.

The occupied territory between the cell membrane that bordered the bioorganic soup and the nuclear membrane was known as cytoplasm. Floating in the cytoplasm were the organelles. Though cytoplasm was directly under the chromosomal governance, nevertheless there was an organelle, which maintained an autonomous supremacy.

It was a self-ruling outside of the central governance. Possessing its own genetic council, its DNA was not related to the nuclear chromosomes. As the sovereign organelles, they were free to make decision on theirs own without referring to the command of the central governance in the nucleus. In the ancient past when The Kingdom of Unicellular dominated the semi-solid earth, an autonomous kingdom was already existed but later it was imitated in the future and afterfuture. However, the autonomy did not mean that they were hostile to the central governance. In fact, they constantly assisted the nuclear chromosomal governance in achieving its goals and objectives. So the autonomous organelles were known as the mitochondria, the energy producing generators. They delivered energy to the entire parts of the cell to be utilized for development, maintenance, nurturing and well-being. Regardless of what, when, where and who required energy, they would provide promptly. Needless to mention, said the Learned Guru that the mitochondria had its own DNA. It meant that the mitochondria had its own constitution, its own genetic sequence, liberated and free from the chromosomes in nucleus.

The mitochondria also had a respectable history along with a reputable personality. According to the Learned Guru, since the mitochondria has a separate set of genes, it was estimated that the mitochondrial DNA was much older that the nuclear DNA. Like all dwellers of the bioorganic soup, the mitochondrio-genesis commenced from the era of bioorganic chemistry. After the formation of a proto-gene, the shortest functional DNA sequence that floated in the bioorganic soup, there were two types of proto-genes, according to one guru. The first proto-gene was to be borne, was the much older mitochondrial DNA. But the second one was the nuclear DNA, which reined the kingdoms of the future and afterfuture.

At the time when the mitochondrial DNA was borne in the amniotic like liquid, the mitochondria were nowhere to exist. Obviously, it had been the motherly mitochondrial DNA that ordered the construction of the energy producing generators to be fully utilized in all corners of the bioorganic soup’s realm. They sent messengers to the ribosomes with the instruction to synthesize a specific protein. A bit by bit, the proteins had been constructed in folds to build the inner structures. Once the inner structures were completed, then the walls were built as boundaries to separate its inner structures from the surrounding amniotic like liquid. There inside the fortress of mitochondria, the reigning DNA was completely secured and fully protected by His quality of Al-Batin, The Hidden. The fortress guarded the genetic council and passed the entire genome from generation to generation through maternal lineage. It had been a natural process since the beginning that DNA had been designed to live forever.

“The DNA is immortal,” said the Learned Guru. Whether in mitochondria or in nucleus, to remain alive, they multiplied through division and replication.

“The mitochondria are mortal but the DNA is not,” said the Learned Guru without giving a chance for his disciples to ask question. This was agreed upon at the beginning of the chronicle.

With regard to the related issue, there were debates among gurus, “where the life begins?” One guru articulated that the life began with the formation of mitochondria, much earlier that the unicellular. The cytogenesis developed much later, long after mitochondria had survived in the bioorganic soup without being imprisoned by the cell membrane. Asked the Learned Guru to his disciples, who proffered life to the mitochondria, if not He the Al-Muhyi, the Life Provider?

Again according to the Learned Guru, the mitochondria had its agenda. To remain alive, they had to divide. From one to two, two to four, four to eight, eight to sixteen and so on until thousands of them in the cytoplasm of a singe cell. But if one were to count in the pool of the bioorganic soup, the sum was innumerable, as many as a myriad of stars in a clear night.

Unquestionably, the intelligent souls enthusiastically involved in the mitochondrio-genesis. In an interval of a time in future, the mitochondria would be well-founded evidence that the patriarchy had not preceded the maternal DNA in the dimension of time. The patriarchy was simply a metamorphosis of an X-chromosome becoming a Y-chromosome. This was the toilsome masterpiece of the intelligent souls. The intelligent souls were ubiquitously everywhere; they appeared in the right brain of a realistic painter as the naked fat flying fairies that defied gravity.

Nonetheless, there was an etymology guru who described in his chronicle that the jinn and genes were the same, whether in homophone or homograph. In the genes, there were jinn. Good jinns and bad jinns. If there were numerous genes, there would be also numerous jinns with different functions. That was the reason; the jinn were present in all ages, from the past to the afterfuture. The jinn could enter into any physical body, living or non-living, as the result a dead body could articulate in the hallucinating mind in disarray of a confused man. The souls and the jinn co-existed in the pre-time realm as an opus of particles. A homonymy, said the etymologist. Both cruising the post-time realm, in respective ways involved in the making of the universe, then later engaged in the bio-organic era, the mitochondrio-genesis era, the chromo-genesis era, the cytogenesis era, the organo-genesis era and ultimately the humano-genesis era.

Both the jinns and the souls could leave and enter a body, if it was done in an orderly manner, it create harmony in balancing the exoteric and the esoteric elements but if they became mischievous, entering the body defiantly, then disharmony would cause a chaos in the infested body. It got worsen, if the evil spirits, the cursed jinn, the ethereal vampire possessed the mind and remained inside the resided body. Consequently, the body had been overridden to commit crimes and animosities under the influence of the entrapped spirit and jinn. This was the underlying cause of all crimes from the heavenly realm of the ancient time to the afterfuture. They never ruled with wisdom but always alienated people with hatred. Many had been wondering how close the characteristics of genes and jinn in semantics or semiotics, questioned the Learned Guru whose mind was a traveller between the orders of time. This was his story of the chronicle on the first night.

[1] The Beneficent.
[2] a Hebrew letter that signifies an infinite figure
[3]The Reckoner
[4] The Manifest.
[5] The Spirit of Time
[6] The Firm One.
[7] The Expediter.
[8] The Able
[9] The spirit of ancient Greek.
[10] The Powerful
[11] The Expander.
[12] The Creator.
[13] The Evolver
[14] The Eternal Owner of Sovereignty
[15] Al-Kimiya is referred to a discourse written by Jabbir Ibn Hayyan (known in the West as Geber). In his book, Kitab al-Saba’in discusses about chemical transformation the world’s spirits, which balance up the four natural qualities: hot, cold, moist and dry.
[16] The Bestower; He who donates all blessing to His creatures.
[17] The Equitable; He who does His work accordingly and in a balanced way.
[18] He Who is present everywhere and observes all things.
[19] The Incomparable.
[20] The Honourer.
[21] The Creator, The Evolver and The Fashioner.
[22] Each cell originates from another cell. Proposed by Rudolf Virchow (1821-1902), a doctor, anatomist, the father of cell pathology.
[23] The Sublime One.
[24] The Governor.
[25] The Avenger
[26] The Guardian of Faith.
[27] Iman Al Ghazzali
[28] The Most Exalted.

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