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2. The Second Night;
The Cytogenesis.

When the cell membrane was complete, then a new miracle had commenced. The cytoplasm of the cell kept busy enriching itself while the chromosomes strengthened its twisting double helix into a much-complicated DNA combination. In the boring world of monotony, the intelligent souls kept on asking themselves, for what purpose if just simply to live. Every time while consuming and digesting the primeval nutrients of life they kept pondering why they were still producing the same old products, a replica of the works of the earlier intelligent souls.

So a number of extra-cellular souls wished to reshuffle and to renovate through a new innovation and creativity that had been their compelling roles since the post-time realm to the afterfuture. They were struggling for their rights, a mutation right, a replication right and a recombination right. There were souls who fought for representation quota, others launching a propaganda campaign of diversity right through the genetic polymorphism, many had demanded the right of natural selection, the right to rearrange the genetic palindrome in creating the symmetry of a body, the right to insert the immortality genes as well the right to elongate the telomeres.

Again there was another grand design to weave DNA as long as a hundred times of a distance from the earth to the moon and how to keep the entire length in a body; that was a magnificent notion put forwards by the prime intelligent souls. Amongst the numerous souls, there were some who could collaborate with others but there were others who were uncompromising rivals.

From one agenda to another, each and every soul did not want to be left alone. As in the pre-time realm, the souls strived to build the universe, introduced their entities to be reckoned with but later they promoted their respective systems to be incorporated with the nuclear chromosomes or just simply an insertion at any locus in the complexity of the nucleus. The hub was the reigning nucleus, an authority whereby organelles paid tributes in the interest of the paramount nucleus. The power of the nucleus was so great to the extent of influencing other cells to unite in groupings. There were souls who inserted genes for selective amplification; as a result such a discriminative practice became an acceptable norm in the future. Similarly, some souls had created repressive genes that impeded the other genes to claim their rights. Then, in the future and afterfuture, the repressive genes would demonstrate its gripping force through the act of tyranny and silent oppression. Mercilessly, there were bad souls that synthesized a string of polynucleotides to form genes to kill other genes. The ruthless synthesis was responsible for the grotesque genocide in the coming future. There were awful souls that entwined the genes of addiction to alcohol, opium, drugs and tobacco. At the same time, there were also superb souls that built genetic bridges through its spirits of engineering to establish links to the genetic banks that collected stock of genes. Almost identical to the banks of the future, gathered fund, manipulated shares, likewise the genetic shares had been invested in many loci that favoured genetics. So there was no end of genetic exchanges from one pool to another, via the migration of genes, which also required an intercellular passport to cross borders. Whilst surprisingly present, the intelligent souls were the one who composed and created the helix of the genes that acted as a switch for sex exchanges. From hetero for homosexual or vice versa, the exchanges were on the wishes of the operating genetic switch. Therefore, these particular genes in future and afterfuture would manifest its phenotype to solicit their rights for homosexual marriages.

Because there were genes mistakenly synthesized erroneous pheromones that made girls genetically attracted to girls and boys became sexually attracted to the same gender. Thus, the phenotypic manifestation would appear to be a gay or a lesbian. The passive gays turned transvestites at night. Under the evening’s dewdrops, they jaywalked in seducing demeanours to offer services to the owner of bisexual genes who could never be satisfied with a plain heterosexual intercourse without sensual aura of pretence. In the girls’ hostel, the tomboys would be the popular sleeping partners for genetically designed lesbians. Meanwhile, there were evil spirits that twisted the coiling of incestuous genes and inserted its creation in the midst of human genes. They were glad if their traps deceived a grandfather who raped his under-aged granddaughter, a father who sexually abused his own flesh and blood, an uncle who violated the trust and taking advantage over his niece, acted like the inbred animals in the wilds. Weren’t they afraid of Al-Muzill[1], asked the Learned Guru?

As in the programme, the spirits of evil inserted wicked nucleotides with the intention to ‘dehumanise’ children of Cain out of envy to the intelligent souls who strived to provide the best nucleotides to human. The spirits of evil and Satan collaborated to form malevolence traits in the genetic realm; when they switch on the vice gene, the owners would be responsive to the call to commit crimes and misdeeds. Of course, if the delinquent call was heard, a grand-father would sexually abuse his grand-daughter, a father would devoured his own flesh and blood, a clergy would commit adultery with his makmum,[2] a teacher would ravage his female student; all these because they possessed the animal genes which were inserted by the evil spirits and Satan. Hence, they turned into the subservient slaves of the vice genes. Therefore, all the spirited souls strived hard to occupy and dominate any site in the chromosomes so that they would have followers and devotees in future and afterfuture.

The struggle and competition to create numerous genes became very complex and mystifying. A lonely soul crafted an isolation gene that made the owner unable to give offspring. Obviously this was the reason why some creatures became extinct, a programmed mortal gene awaited to execute death at a deterministic point. This was due to the supremacy of al-Mumiit, the Creator of Death. Furthermore, there was a gene designed to command suicide, it was later known as the apoptosis gene. When the time approached, the apoptosis gene would give instructions to lysosomes to release the toxic glutamate until the entire structures in the cell were destroyed. Some humorous guru called it as a kamikaze gene. The death programming souls were inherited through the genes to the heirs of the future and afterfuture, so the recipients would do whatever necessary to comply with the command to commit suicide as prescribed in the genetic codes. As a result, nobody could successfully prevent those who intended to commit suicide.

No wonder, therapists were always upset in disappointment, despite able to defer the time of death but eventually the gene’s owner would succeed. Due to the chaotic nature of the gene’s synthesis by the intelligent souls who blew the essence of fire, water, wind and soil, therefore the souls’ Master acted wisely to maintain a genetic equilibrium to stabilize the politicking amongst the relentless gene-weaving souls through a genetic polymorphism. Owing to Mandel as a guru or a genetic representative of the worldly manifestation, the wise Master of the souls re-emerged in Hardy and Weinberg through the binomial expansion formula (p+q) 2 = p2+2pq+q2= 1.0. For the same reason, one could explain why a zero still had a value and a merit. When the genetic equilibrium was reached, where there was no negative neither positive, whereas the emptiness of the zero was indicated with the genetic stability in which there were no more selection, no mutation, no random mating, no immigration and no emigration.

Despite all given theories, the manifestations were merely expressions of the intelligent souls who infested the physical part of the brains that had turned the owner a respected guru, in another; a pseudo authority and some were simply a form of reproduction of the earlier creating souls or a plagiarist of the primal souls that weaved genes. Hence, the gurus were purely messengers of knowledge; their blueprints were inserted into the double helix of human genome by the intelligent souls.

In the era of chromogenesis, the genetic strengthening had never ceased. To succeed in accomplishing the grand aspiration, there were genes that instructed ribosomes to produce more enzymes, namely polymerase and ligase. With the nucleotide-enriched environment, the twisting of genes continued without knowing how to stop, extremely diligent, said the Learned Guru, the time traveller.

As a result from the meticulousness of both polymerase and ligase, the genetic twisting became exceptionally elongated, unutterable by thinkers who still confessed to be ignorant, not comparable of the longest stories from the comic chronicler, even for the shortest genetic composition. Obviously, there were the longest of the long and the longer among the longest. The shortest, according to the guru, circled the earth several times. However, one conscientious guru who had great passion to measure and he decided to calculate the genetic length of the most acclaimed being on earth, the human. According to the Learned Guru, if all the genes in a human body were to untwist and stretched like a bridge from the earth to the moon, one would take a hundred thousand times to track the genetic bridge in order to cover the entire human genome. This greatness was solely attributed to Al-Azim[3]. To measure it, according to the Guru, a powerful super-computer of terabytes capacity had to be used.

Astoundingly, all genetic materials in a human body of fifty trillion cells could be amazingly kept in just a teaspoon. Ah, how magnificence His divine creation of Al-Khaliq, praised the Learned Guru, “He who creates everything from nothing and creates all things with the knowledge of what will happen to them”. According to him, till the doom’s day, they could never have completed studying the intricate matrix of human genetics despite being able to map out the human genome. The more they studied, the more they became engrossed with its eye-catching complexity, its enhancing power of one’s faith and its enticing appeal; all because of His creative supremacy and infinite might, the Al-Wasi.[4]

Surprisingly, there was a genetic guru who found some genetic sequence, allegedly of no value and had no meaning, as a result of such quick assumption; they were hastily labelled as the junk genes. It was so easy to give names. As a matter of fact, according to the time-travelling Guru, there were no such things as the junk genes. Only for those short-sighted gurus, the junk genes was a ‘clever’ answer for refusing to admit being ignorant or yet to be discovered.

On the basis that they were considered experts; there must be a reasonable explanation despite not knowing the complete answer to the many genetic sequences that had been allegedly categorized as non-functional and meaningless or even non-sense. According to the time-travelling Guru, the junk genes were a misnomer. The actual story was the genetic sequence had a password for actuation. As long as the password remained a confidential secret, the geneticists would regard it as junk and useless genes. Once upon in an order of time, all the intellectuals believed it in the scholar hoax like pulling the wool over somebody’s eyes. To add salt to the wound, the genesis was said to be not as great as the rhetoric, abundance of wastages and not accountable either. Their lines of reasoning have its own agenda in order to justify the legitimacy of the dicing of nucleotides on the sole basis of chance and probability, not the deterministic creation through the intelligent souls who carried the great message of the singularity of His magnificence, the al-Ahad [5] and The Al-Kabir[6] said the Learned Guru.

Beside that said the Guru, in the junk genes, there was a genetic clock, which ticked from the era of chromogenesis to the afterfuture. When the time had come, the junk genes became activated to execute its commandments as directed by the soul of time. Once the execution had been completed, objectives accomplished, targets gave responses then the activated genes were shut off according to the programme in the genetic clock, which operated in TAI, the atomic clock that vibrated since the creation of time. Subsequently, they became the junk genes again, as in its current definition by the geneticists. Ingenuously, beyond the junk genes, there were mysteries about the time. Chanting al-Ahad for a thousand times, said the Guru, the secret of Al-Sa’ah would be revealed in the mind of the parishioners. From the realm when the space fused with the dimension of time, the atomic clock was created and then slipped into the era of chromogenesis to become a genetic clock that measured in nano as minuscule as an atom.

When the time had come, the atomic clock would vibrate, shifting orbits to release the same particles in the pre-time realm that had been frantically in colliding each other. The desire to collide with its opposing partners was beyond containment. The entrapped particles in the sub-atomic formation were hidden in the double helix of the polynucleotides of the junk genes and when the deterministic time had come, the anti-particles which were also entrapped in the junk genes of another individual, then as what happened in the pre-time realm, the particles would collide with its anti-particles that led to an explosive destruction. Similarly, on the highways of the future, the entrapped particles in the junk genes would be activated by the genetic clock, to tempt the residing body to drive a motorised vehicle as fast as the possible could, until it collided with the vehicle driven by another individual whose mind was possessed by the anti-particles. Consequently, there would be a fatal collision. Repeating it self as what commonly happened in the pre-time realm even in different order of time unless at the will of The Al-Mani’[7].

Underneath the burial ground, laid down corpses of deadly collisions, and when maggots ate the corpses until no more decomposed tissue to live on, the maggots later died of hunger. Blended together, they were dried into pulverizing dust of particles and anti-particles; its essence was ready to return, once again to the realm of matters to complete the circle.

According to the Guru, the junk genes could be activated upon exposure to certain conditions, it might manifest good as well bad, beautiful or ugly, intelligent or idiotic, resilient or feeble. If not, it remained dormant though out life, it might emerge in the future and afterfuture descendants. Therefore, it was not easy to interpret the junk genes. Occasionally, it operated as connecting genes, like the highways between two cities. If only cities were considered ‘meaningful’, based on the presence of illuminating street lights, since on the highways, there were no lights at all, the logic adopted by the genetic scientists that the highways have no role to play, functionless like the junk genes.

As if the existence of a city was based on the assumption of the presence of streetlight, its absence could be interpreted, as there was no city. Anything laid in between was meaningless. That was the current thinking; amongst gurus there were a lot of confusion. If you were unable to enlighten as what you supposed to do, then the best way to protect your integrity was by presenting a distorted truth. The truth was always relative in nature, the absolute only by the Creator, Al-Haqq[8], said the Guru.

In the genetic frenzy to make genes, there were genes specializing to build various organelles in cytoplasm. Organello-genesis was a copyright reserve of the nuclear chromosomes. That was the reason why the organelles submitted its selves to the nucleus, obedient to the commands of the reigning chromosomes, its full authority over both nucleoplasm and cytoplasm. As for further development of the cell, the genes instructed the endoplasmic reticulum together with the accompanying ribosomes to synthesize proteins. The reticulum kept growing outwardly into a continuum with Golgi's apparatus, which bind sugar, phosphate, sulphate, and fatty acid with proteins manufactured by the ribosomes. Ultimately, upon reaching a pre-determined distance, the outward growing structures participated in the formation of the cell membrane. Simultaneously, for the purpose of destructive capability, the genes had instructed the formation of lysosomes in the cytoplasm. If there were an intruder, lysosomes would destroy the enemy. When a cellular death was so close, at the moment of final departure of the soul from the body, the lysosomes would release toxic substances to initiate the demise of the entire cell. Even the death command was a genetic function that entwined by the Al- Mumiit, the Creator of Death. There were mortality genes known as M1 and M 2 which in living state, the switches were always in the 'off' position. When death was so imminent, Mungkar and Nangkir[9] would whisper to the ears while blowing the trumpet of death, and then the genetic switches would be placed in ‘on’ position.

Thus, the lysosomes without further delay, started to destroy the genetic constitution together with the rest part of the cells. As described by thanatologists who cleverly created the stories about the imperfect turning on of M1 and M2 switches, M1 was 'on' while M2 was off; consequently it led to an inapparent death. The person became alive in his coffin but later died due to asphyxiation. Pity him, suffering death for the second time, said the Guru. It was all due to His determination of The Al-Mumiit and nobody could prevent it. But a few was able to climb to the surface, when Yassin [10]verses were read, a hand emerged through the wet soil, causing the grave mourners ran berserk in panic. There were several occasions, quoted the Guru from thanatologists’ stories, the demise joined the gathering of kenduri[11], and those present thought that he was a twin bother of the demise. Adanya.[12]

Besides being directly involved in development as well in destructive capability, the role of genetic constitution was far beyond what apparently seen. In addition, they had instructed the construction of storage facilities for water, food and metabolites.

Hence, there would not be a spell of thirst during dry season or a bout of hunger during the toughest monsoon. The numerous vacuoles built within the cell were to ensure its survival during difficult times. The genes were expert planners. Not only, they built warehouses, the nucleus erected cyto-skeleton, a biological framework in the cytoplasm for the cell to have shapes or designs of its own. The nucleus was also responsible for cell’s division and the cytoskeleton provided a basic step toward motility. If a cell were intended to be a plant cell, there would be an organelle called plastid which contained chlorophyll, a green pigment upon exposure to sun light, it would synthesize carbohydrates as food source in the coming future. All needs of life would be met by Al-Mujib[13], The One Who responded to every want, said the Learned Guru.

That was the telepathic images, which transpired in the mind of the Learned Guru as to what really happened in the pools of bioorganic soup that were filled by different levels of pre-living ultra-micro organisms. To name them as organisms would be, to a small number of people, as a misnomer.

They should be called as ‘organellisms’ because they were smaller than the smallest organisms. But due to a customary academic norm, according to the Guru, they were also called as microorganisms. However, there was a guru who introduced the term microbes as an alternative to organellism. Thus, there were so many microbes in the pool of bioorganic soup. In future, the nano-bio-technologist would like to duplicate how these microbes were able to survive on their own by utilizing electron transport system to generate energy to be self-sufficient without becoming dependable on others. The self-sufficiency of the pool was due to the desirable quality of The Al-Ghani[14] Who made the basic preparation for the ultimate biological machine to materialize in future.

Naturally, the microbes were the creation of His Merciful souls, The Ar-Rahim[15], as mentioned by the Learned Guru, from His Essence of Al-Muhyi, The Life Giver. In the ambiguous struggle to live, according to an observer, the microbes relentlessly attacked each other. Existed in various types and in diverse forms, like human of various races, religions and cultures, they did not prefer to live in peace as the people of present and of the future. At times, the Guru called the microbes as the proto-cells.

The other guru called them as the pregnotes. With RNA or DNA as their nucleuses, they lived freely, running around in the pool of bio-organic soup. Dancing throughout the pool with Brownian movement, the pregnotes seemed to be without direction and purpose. There were many types of proto-cells. The most ancient was Arachea, the primitive proto-cell who knew only to attack and swallowed its enemies. Living ferociously in their natural habitat without using any air, they were also known as urkaryotes. Urkaryotes would engulf any proto-cells in contact with, destroyed and digested it as food. One day, an urkaryote met a pregnote. While attacking the pregnote, the urkaryote swallowed it alive. Amazingly, due to its strength, the pregnote did not die. Despite being swallowed, the urkaryote multiplied in the cytoplasm. This was how, according to one guru, who advocated the theory of infection as the basis on how the unicellulars obtained its organelles. These primitive and vicious unicellular cells were so powerful like the super-powers of the future that attacked small and weak countries. But according to the Learned Guru, to deal with similar situation, just remembered Al-Qawi[16], certainly it would free the worshippers from any harm

If they were found not useful genetically, they would gobble them alive. If useful, they would seize the genetic materials from the preys. Then, the unicellulars became much stronger and more powerful by enriching them genetically through ‘attack-seize’ tactics. It was extremely ferocious acts in the bioorganic pools with consequent death, oppression, and tyranny. These terror genes would occupy the genetic constitution of multi-cellular organisms of the coming future.

It was a different story from Margulis, who advocated the endo-symbiosis theory or serial symbiosis theory. She disagreed with the infection theory. In the pool of bioorganic soup cramped with innumerable proto-cells, their cell membranes were too close, touching and rubbing each other’s without attacking and animosity. It was not as chaotic as the guru of the infection theory had described it.

What really happened in the pool was a harmony between cells, a lot of information exchanges, therefore in accordance to philosophy of mutualism, the proto-cells had demolished the separating membranes, which acted like walls, liberated its borders to allow an intimate touch between the ancient cells. Hence, allowing them to embrace into a single fusion where they shared various facilities in cytoplasm and nucleus as common properties. That was how the cyto-genesis had started. From a consensus amongst the proto-cells whose genuine move was to unite in vigorous strength, to merge in powerful force, their spirits would be an exemplary aspiration for all beings in the coming future. The entire cellular gamut took place in the pool of bio-organic soup. That was how mitochondria, lysosomes, centrioles, vacuoles and ribosomes became the floating organelles in cytoplasm of the unicellular where life had just begun. The life which was under the power of the reigning genetics but the governing supremacy in the cell’s nucleus was of His will, the Al- Ba’sit, He who developed everything to grow.

All organelles had submitted to the nuclear DNA after dissolving their genetic constitutions with an exception to the mitochondria whose genetics were preserved while carrying out a perfect symbiosis without losing its maternal identity. The whole phenomenon was the result of His quality, the al-Bari, He who created everything in perfection.

[1] The Dishonourer.
[2] followers/ parishioners
[3] The Great One.
[4] The All-Embracing, He who had limitless capacity and abundance.
[5] The One.
[6] The Most Great.
[7] The Preventer.
[8] The Truth; He Whose existence has no change.
[9] Death angels
[10] The Holy Quran’s verses are frequently recited before and at death.
[11] reception
[12] That is all.
[13] The Responsive.
[14] The Self-Sufficient.
[15] The Merciful
[16] The Most Strong.

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