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The Fourth night:
The Pools of Genesis

Naturally, the intelligent spirits had great passion to build. The zeal to construct would never die. It was indeed an innate quality. From the pre-time realm, they were fully aware about the creation of a real universe. With the blessing of His al-Mighty, they continued to build through out the era of bio-organic. If there were a need to destruct, it would be done with the intention to build a much bigger in grandiose scale. All sealed in a great spirit, a marvellous intention and breathtaking purpose to fill up the universe. The invisible metaphysical souls wanted a complete and total creation as they were created for such intention.

Perfection was an ultimate purpose. The Learned Guru frequently quoted that ‘Perfection is exclusively a Divine Attribute’ of Al-Wahid[1]. Thus, in the mind of the intelligent souls, they wished to create some beings far more outstanding than those already present in the pools of bio-organic soup. When an alliance of souls created new beings from replicating unicellulars, the other assemblage of metaphysical souls used their intelligent skill to create newer beings of a much complex structure. It was no longer a perfect mitosis cum plagiarism. Every soul wanted to show talents. Collectively, they created novel beings that were non-existence in the past.

Despite of rapid progress, some of the metaphysical souls were not aware of what happened in the chromosomes. They claimed credits to themselves. Simultaneously, the nuclear chromosomes had developed its intelligence. The thinking chromosomes had IQ and actively involved in information exchanges.

All these, according to an epistemologist, in historical semantics terms, the gene of ‘intell’ was actually a clever gene that liked to tell ‘know-how’ to each other through internal communication. Therefore, the ‘intell’ genes within its nucleotides became as smart as the invisible metaphysical souls. But unlike the metaphysical souls, the genes already possessed shapes and forms. It represented a natural intelligence. Nature itself was the manifestation of innate intelligence, said the Learned Guru. The natural intelligence was present in the pool of bio-organic soup. All from His essence of the Al- Alimi, ‘He who knows’, what had been inserted and what left in between nucleotides that gave intelligent genes to the bearers.

According to the Guru again, when genetic equilibrium reached zero in scale where there was no mutation, there was no random mating; the only thing present was purely mitosis without mutation.

On the surface of the earth’s crust, the bio-organic pools were scattered as far as the virtual mind of the Guru could see but were inhabited only by the two kingdoms; the unicellulars of the Animals and Nabataean Kingdoms. The proto-animal cells, the protozoa seemed to move a lot whilst the green algae cells were stationary, busy to synthesize glucose and oxygen but breathed the carbon dioxide produced by the protozoa as its metabolic waste.

The equilibrium was maintained for not more than a hundred million years but surely not exceeding one galactic year until there was a cosmic storm hitting the earth with intense ultra-violet rays, showering electromagnetic rays, gamma rays, neutrinos, muon, pion and all the particles of 'bremasstrahlung' radiation. Colliding with the chromosomes at its mutant points, its alleles and at several chromosomes simultaneously, the mutation occurred and changed its genetic codes of the unicellulars of both kingdoms in the entire area of the pool.

Like a fiesta, the reshuffling of the order of genetic codes took place in the pools where various creative rearrangements materialized. It was a spontaneous colossal mutation. A natural eugenics miracle had been designed to improvise the quality of creative genes from the most ideal to the most obnoxious forms. It offered an immeasurable genetic diversity as immense as the celestial bodies in the universe that once triggered the prime embryo for the Animals and Nabataean Kingdoms.

The proto-animal cells gathered rank and file. In the pool of bioorganic soup enriched with micronutrients and minerals from the essence of The Al-Muqit[2], the proto-animals cells were able to strengthen its genetic potentials. That was the reason why, in the future and afterfuture, the micronutrients and minerals would be able to improve the quality of phenotypic manifestations of the future progeny.

The highly nourished environment ameliorated genetic expressions, so some gurus strongly suggested that the inferior genes’ owner to take good and balanced nutrition in order to allow what appeared to be inferior because of poor nutritional environment changed into a much superior phenotypic manifestation. In the pool of bioorganic soup, all nutrients were available, wholly to prepare the proto-animal cells toward the gate of perfection.

The accompanying perfection of the developing primordial stem cells was necessary in view of the multitude of the in-coming organo-genesis. There were still a group of stem cells that unable to differentiate. But some had taken positive steps toward differentiation after able to actively divide. However, others were able to develop morula and blastula. The intelligent souls did not want to be left out; obviously it was a rare opportunity, indeed.

Then with the collaboration between the souls and the new genetic governance, together they formed three-layered cells, an ectodermal layer in front, a mesodermal layer in the middle and an endodermal layer on the inner side. These were the trilogy of life. From His pure essence of Al- Musawwir, He is The One that shapes everything from the very early stages of formation. Subsequently, He shaped the layers of life like a cylinder then developed into a structure like a pipe with a number of indentations on the surface. From a spherical blastula, it turned into an elongated three-layered pipe with a head and a tail. On the head section, there were a lot of mitotic activities but on the tail, in a very limited movement, it steered the positioning of the whole structure.

In another pool, there would be a different creation. There were one-layered, two-layered and the three-layered pools of semi-differentiated cells.

There were pools with ectoderm only, some with mesoderm and in others; there were entirely endoderm. So in the pools of bioorganic soup, there were so many new organisms that vigorously moved toward organo-genesis. Despite of the formation of new organisms in innumerable quantity, there were survivors from the mutation effects of the cosmic storm; these organisms remained unicellular as its original forms as in the beginning of life. They lingered till the afterfuture whether in the Animals Kingdom or as the green algae of the Nabataean Kingdom.

Consequential effects from the emission of the radiation had reshuffled the cabinet of genetic constitution with resulted many reforms and new creations that emerged like a metamorphosis at the speed of a blinking eye. In a sudden genesis, an animalistic parazoa simply appeared in the pool with many pores and perforated body, later known as the porifera.

The newly formed Animals Kingdom had not replaced the existing kingdoms but rather founding a new Animals Kingdom without threatening the old Animals Kingdom. They co-existed, as the pools of bioorganic soup were so rich with all the necessary nutrients for sustaining life. He the Ar-Razzaqi[3], the livelihood’s provider for the entire kingdoms from the time of bio-organic pools till the appearance of bipedal creatures and He, the Al-Hayyi, the Life Giver of both kingdoms. From His essence of the Most Generous, 'He sustains livelihood to all living beings' including the teeny microscopic creatures as tiny as the minuscule bacteria. There was no issue of competition. Each organism enthusiastically created its bio-universe in many forms and shapes in a complementary bio-diversity. The ecological seeds commenced as early as the beginning part of bioorganic life as the pristine pools were free from any kind of pollution.

However, there were intelligent souls who felt pleased with its creation, though simple but had a funny appearance. All these were the game of DNA dicing, said one guru. Some put it as a well purposeful DNA’s arrangement. If arranged like this, it would appear like that, if designed like that, it would become like this. For the creations, there would be named according to a beautiful nomenclature, a tongue-twisting system of naming the entire creatures. The whole family of animalistic creatures was categorized under Subkingdom of Metazoa. Under the phyllum coelenterata, there was a class of hydrozoa known as the Hydra. The Hydra formed a colony that sucked bioorganic nutrients and planktons through tiny pores. Reproduced rapidly, the Hydra eventually controlled a vast territory in the pools. The other intelligent souls kept on weaving the polynucleotides like a realistic painter that formed a class of scyphoza, said the guru. At night, the scyphozic jellyfish could synthesize light that sparkled with glittering colours in the darkness of nocturnal life of the pools. The picturesque night was a marvel of DNA's arranger in making jellyfish scintillated in luminous colours without the spirit of fire from the sun. The gleaming jellyfish was equipped with nerve fibres to conduct tiny voltage of bioelectricity but still able to make the jellyfish’s photocells to glow brilliantly in dark pitch of the night. The flickering light of jellyfish offered colourful spectrum to the living corals, which survived as an animalistic creature under the class of anthrozoa. The Learned Guru continued his stories to his five disciples describing how the animalistic corals and planktons were chosen to be the spirits of ecological souls as the guardian of the pools’ bed which in later period turned to be the oceans’ bed. His Essence in Al-Muhaymin[4] and Al-Hafizh[5] was awarded to the guardian as a spiritual protector and keeper of the seas and oceans. When the crusts of the earth crashing each other, the pools turned into deep oceans and at the point of collision, the earth’s crusts became ranges and mountains.

That was the reason why, explained the Guru, in the mountains there were aquatic life similar to its kinfolk in the ocean beds, which were filled up by the water from bioorganic pools that no longer could hold as the pools’ floor got tilted.

In the other pools, the intelligent souls had been experimenting with the new polynucleotides’ combination, which never been tried before. There were souls who simply created something without any apparent purpose. But the other majority understood the objectives and more focus in their creations. Nevertheless, there were souls who blended in DNA and from inside, they designed many beings from the variety of worms, a flat shape like a trematode, a round elongated shape like nematode, a segmented one like annelid and a blood sucking leech like hirudinea. As the result, the pools were full of various worms, curling and coiling around while kept reproducing until the afterfuture. Some became inhabitants of the soil, some became inhabitants of the guts and some lived searching for opportunity to suck blood from its unwilling victims.

The Learned Guru continued to describe what really happened in the pools of bioorganic soup. Each pool had different genetic products. In the pools, there were creatures like proto-snail gastropods, proto-squibs and proto-octopus from phyllum of mollusc. In the other pools, there were from phyllum of arthropod that bore primitive joints and exo-skeletons. In such pools, there were full of ticks, lice, crabs, insects, scorpions, crickets, cockroaches and centipedes. Visualizing the content in the other pool, there were gamat, the sea-worm, starfish and sea urchin that belonged to phyllum of ecchonodermata with numerous spines and penta-symmetric features.

However, the non-vertebrates’ pools were separated from the proto-vertebrates. In these pools, there were jawless proto-carps that swam gently in silence, in contrary to the violent sharks that agitated the rippling salty water of the pool. Swimming in the fresh water pools, there were amphibians of proto-frogs, proto-lizards, the proto-iguanas and proto-crocodiles. Surrounded by primitive vegetation, the other pools might contain proto-snakes of various kinds. In the neighbourhood's pool, there were proto-birds that had yet to fly but the souls of genetic engineering were working on aero-dynamics theory of aviation and then entwined polynucleotides of aviation biotechnology into DNA of the birds but not the chicken. In fact, all levitation and aviation theories for mosquitoes, flies, beetles, dragonflies, fireflies and bats and even for the mythical garuda bird had been encoded and programmed into genetic constitution of each species.

The secrets of bio-aviation technology were coded in twisted nucleotides and envious aviation engineers of the future and afterfuture would always try to uncover the mystery behind the supreme and divine technology of Al-Alim[6]. Once they discovered, they actually copied from nature without paying any royalty to the owner of intellectual property; the intelligent souls who entwined the appropriate DNA sequence for natural aviation. Not a single praise to Him, Al-Mu’izz[7], was uttered from the ‘inventors’. The plagiarists wanted credit to themselves.

However, in the other pools filled up with mammals in inestimable numbers. There were no words in complete; there was no discourse in any language able to describe the visual images in the mind of the Learned Guru upon what really happened in the pools of the mammals.

During cosmic storm that showered ultra-violet rays to the semi-solid earth, hitting hard on the mutant points of the chromosomes in the pools of bioorganic soup, there was a pandemonium of genetics beyond norms. The twisted double helix became uncoiled at various points. The genetic insertions were injected in with the assistance of ligase, the enzyme that interleaved new DNA with the blessing of the invisible souls from the Kingdom of Metaphysical. All were under the Watchful eyes of Ar-Raqib[8].Those spirits who just observed did not dissent. They had limited authority despite being keen to intercept. Nonetheless, the genetic constitution had its colossal development in planning to create the highest being in the Kingdom of Animals. Amongst genes, there were councils, conferences and seminars. Between genes there were forums for chatting. There would be new legislations passed by the genetic councils. Certainly, the struggles were the name of the game with a lot of conflicts and conspiracy.

The entire spirits and genes competed to insert its nucleotides of arrogance, idiocy, greed, voracity, terror and crime, in between the inserted nucleotides of kindness, caring, patience, tolerance, honesty, intelligence and wisdom. All attributes, all features, all deeds, all intrinsic heritages, all behaviours, all manners, all grudges, all hatreds, all spitefulness and all doings possessed its nucleotides in DNA sequences with respective switches. Once the switch was on, the manifestation was inevitable except with His power of Az-Zahir, The Manifest. When the switch was off, the materialization disappeared. The world would be chaotic if the switches were spoiled or developed into malfunction in the future and afterfuture. Damaged switches could lead into turmoil through wars and terrorisms. Throughout the order of time, mankind continued to face incessant conflicts, as the thousand years vengeance never had ceased. Furthermore, the vengeance started with clashes amid genes, among souls and between genes and souls.

The period of genesis was an era of pandemonium; rivalry and struggle for power that sustained prolonged grudges till the period of post-genesis. Therefore, they killed each other with the rhetoric of permissible wars. Permissible killing during wars was an animal propensity in human. Despite of denouncing acts, they still considered themselves as human but those who were much kinder and considerate, paradoxically they were treated as and sometimes called animals. In fact, the animal genes persistently dominated in spite of scarcely scattered in between human genes. For that reason, human tended to forget the existence of animal characters in them with no exception. Only the degree and status of humanity differed one from the other. When vengeance aroused in flare, all humanity switches had been closed. Old wars and past massacres were being unfolded to trigger the new fire of hatred. Despite it was only the vengeance of a myth; thousands of years old revenge became a reference to legitimise killings, cruelty and wars. Indeed, in future the wars would become a commodity for the sake of armament’s industries, which would collapse if the war-free world existed.

So if there was no war, wars had to be created and all doors that led to peace should be closed. Negotiation was only for prolonging war with obtuse definition of winning. There was no need to gain an absolute win. The only winner was the weapon industrialist whether in cold or hot wars.

Obviously, looking deeply into the history of humano-genesis, it would not be accomplished at a blinking of an eye like the metamorphosis of much lower animals. For high-level animals, the elected approach by the genetic constitution was on trial and error basis. If failed, then it would analyse and put on trial again until it came across a functional genetic combination. The time needed was not a factor; it might take the entire length of time for the sake of perfection. Therefore, the time did not pose an obstacle. The creation in the pool of bioorganic soup used a biological clock that measured not in seconds but in galactic years, said the Leaned Guru.

Then, the cells of an analogous kind would gather together to perform differentiation as like various other multi-typed cells. Before differentiation, parent cells would look the same like its offspring and the other parent cells. When differentiation completed, the offspring cells would be different from its parental stock. In one of the pools, the water was no longer crystal clear as before when a cluster of differentiated haemopoetic cells dominated the pool. The pool was red as the true colour of blood. Indeed, the red colour of blood that was formed in the haemopoetic pool would stain numerous historical moments in every battlefield and portrayed gloomy mourns in every tragedy whether in reality or even in creative writing of a renowned laureate. The blood seemed to have tides. According to a selenologist[9], when the moon was at either north or south poles, the blood pool experienced a low tide, but when the moon was in line with the equator with a searing blazed-sun, then the blood in the pool arose at high tide till it over-flowed to the neighbouring pools.

In the adjacent pools, the blood blended with amniotic-like fluid creating a new mixture of two. The frightening red could be seen as eyes could see to the horizon. The pools turned into an ocean in complete cherry-red colour.

The bloody ocean had been a surrealistic dream of bloodthirsty drinkers. The spectre vampire, Raja Bersiong (the Canine King) and King Edward III would enjoy the fiesta of blood drinking from the pool-like ocean. The blood raged in fury during full moon like high tide in the rough sea and would subside only after the moon was at the pole of the earth. Similarly, the moon had strongly affected the bodies of the earth’s creatures, making some sort of high tides of the blood in the bodies as what happened to the same composition of water to land mass ratio, which tallied the ratio of spirit of water to the spirit of soil in all creatures. When the inflammatory flare blazed like a storm, constricted respiratory tubes choked into suffocation - over the full moon, the spirits escaped from its domiciles and at the same time, the spirit of blood flooded brains and drenched its with neuro-chemicals that drove minds into a bunch of lunatics. Regardless of any form of insanity, be it schizophrenia or manic or panic, the attacks were always, according to the Guru, on the night of full moon with the crescendo howls of wolfs’ barking sound as the background. The transformation of the spirits of water into the spirits of blood led to many changes. On the full moon, wolfs also experienced same high tides in a frenzy melancholic growls that raised hairs over a shivering neck. From the time of its formation to the end of time, the blood could not be separated with the cycle of the moon. The phenomenon had amazed many gurus. Yet, it was not only during full moon, even at the beginning of the moon, people argued endlessly just to decide the first day of the month. One step across the man-made boarder, the echo of taqbir was on the air to signify the end of Ramadhan but one step backward from the boarder; the dwellers were fasting to continue testing their devotion to The Al-Mighty.

Unfortunately, the service of a selenologist was not consulted as they were arrogantly masked with faked belief. Ironically, at times there was no need to cross the border, under the same village; the neighbours were celebrating Id-Fitri while the brother next door was still fasting. That was the story told by another guru.

When the old blood died of aging, the haemopoetic cells from the parental pool continued to make new red blood cells in billions and trillions. The innumerable sum was incalculable except with His essence of Al-Muhsi, The Reckoner. There was no shortage of blood in the pool. The glaring redness of oxygenated blood delivered the much-needed essence from the spirits of air to living organisms. The sacrifice of red blood cells was rarely appreciated, as the guru of haematology called its, erythrocytes. To become an erythrocyte, it had to get rid its nucleus. The nucleus contained chromosomes in which the entire genetic bank was kept. The entire nucleus was gone in erythrocytes, not even the remnants, and a complete zero.

An order to perish the nucleus was a command from a gene that once possessed by the erythrocytes. It was indeed a great sacrifice for just designating as a vehicle containing haemoglobulin, the binder and the carrier of oxygen. The erythrocytes came in many shapes and forms. There were tear-drop erythrocytes, microcytes, macrocytes, sickle-shaped erythrocytes were said to be a result of mutation in a gene- there were erythrocytes with hole in the centre but the biconcave red blood cells were the perfectly designed to carry optimal capacity of oxygen molecules. Apparently, the spirit of air manifested as oxygen then met the spirit of water in form of blood in the pool. How harmonious were the two spirits, working together in amicable relationship. These were the proto-life’s elements in mammals and human, an award from His essence of Al-Wahhab[10] and Al-Muhyi as the Life Provider.

Nevertheless in another pool of blood, the dead blood was not promptly replaced; it turned the blood into a stinging purulent pool of pus. The offending smell would pound any head in agony. Being at the brim of the pool of pus was like to put one’s nose into infinity of an awful smell that was immeasurable by any olfactory detector.

The haemopoetic cells of the blood pool were then independent from the rest. Though still obtaining nutrients and raw materials from the same pool but the pool was nonetheless filled with bravery colour of the red blood. The sovereign cells had its own entity, self-governing but still maintained chemical communication with other pools, which possessed respective entities and identities. In fact, the haemopoetic cells were regarded as an organ by itself. Despite its ambiguous border as the blood had the spirit of water, it could fill any trenches, any drains, any ducts, any conduits, any tubes, any vessels and any chambers; completely enclosed or simply bare-opened. The haemopoetic cells clans were numerous but the red blood cells that carried red pigment molecules in haemoglobin, which were once manufactured in the bioorganic pools. The same red that coloured the emblems of fierce and bloody struggle that frequently recited by poets alike. The closest akin was white blood cells. The red and white were colours of wars and clashes. Though white flags surrendered peace to warfare but white blood cells were the courageous warriors that showed no fear to mortality.

At a corner of the pool, there were blood cells neither white nor red but they were still called white blood cells just because there were no striking red pigments to stain the cells. Literally the blood was simply bicolour, red or white. There was no such thing as blue-blooded human as claimed by aristocrats during dark ages. No one blood was higher than others in accordance to the quality of Al-Khafid[11], said the Learned Guru. There was no difference in blood of aborigines and aristocrats, Sharifah and a condemned person. Centuries old myths, said the Learned Guru that blood was wrongly taught to be responsible to inherit traits. Ironically, red blood cells that gave red colour to the blood were devoid of nucleus. Thus, it played no part in inheritance. The blood of a condemned person, when transfused to an aristocrat, it would not lower down his nobility. The same was true, said the Learned Guru, the blood of an aristocrat would not elevate the status of a condemned man despite scores of blood transfusions. Legend from distant ethos told a story of a woman whose blood was white, oozing from her penetrating wound to indicate her innocence. No Guru dared to confirm the legend about the purity of white blood or evidence of her overwhelming white suppuration was due to her betrays. The white blood cells were actually colourless but when present in the pool of blood, there were stained by the red pigments that gave fiery colour of blood in general. Thus said the Learned Guru; there was no such a woman with milky white blood to symbolize her innocence as a mythic bluff. If truly happened then it could be nasty pus from venereal disease or lymphatic fluid from filariasis. The pus was actually dead white blood cells; simply like dead soldiers after an offensive mission or under attack. There were varieties of white blood cells. Each had respective role to play. But in the pool of white blood cells, the giant pool appeared to be transparently colourless and pale.

In another pool, different type of cells dominated. Certain cells became differentiated. One part of the endodermal layer differentiated into acid and pepsin producing cells. Pungent fumes billowed from the surface of the sweltering pool. Its sharp smell was able to pierce the mind of future gurus. The acid pool digested protein-based products from neighbouring pools for recycling. Unwanted proteins, rejected by others cells from many other different pools were digested into amino acids to be recycled and utilised for other biochemical processes. The bioorganic processes of genesis happened in various pools with different features, which covered the vast surface of the earth outmost stratum.

Amongst the primordial pools, one pool preoccupied the imaginative mind of the Learned Guru. It was a pallid sticky fluid as white as sperm. At time as bright ashen of purity as a manifestation of the destined course of the primordial germinal cells as the result of noble rearrangement of new polynucleotides' sequence. The new arrangements had merciful consequences as the result of DNA injections into nuclear membrane. Then it recombined with existing chromosomes and enriched them with the genetic instruction to enable reproduction flourished in the near future and in the aeon’s futureafter. It was the assigned work of the spirit of water that created fluid to carry traits. With the blessing of His essence of al-Mubdi[12], the ingenious souls raced to append creativity. There were souls who dissatisfied with the rigidity and stationary state of the primordial germinative cells. They were motionless but alive. It would not be long until they died. They died at the same spot that they were born. If any movement observed, it was due to pushing by the newborn germinal cells, ramming around elders, and hyper-matured cells.

Subsequently, the intelligent souls created new polynucleotide spirals then inserted into the chromosomes. With the help of ligase they bind the new polynucleotide chains to make a new invention. The new genes had reformative commands to reshape the spherical symmetry of germinative cells. Firstly, the reformative genes gave a series of instructions to construct cytoplasmic mould to overcome the spherical symmetry of the cells by changing its cyto-skeleton. One end became conical like a tail. With the help of ribosomes at the endoplasmic reticulum, they formed contractile fibrils that spontaneously shortened and elongated with the blessing of the intelligent souls who absorbed the essence of His divine quality of Al-Musawwir[13]. Hence, such creation gave birth to a cell with a head and a long tail, which moved freely in a sticky pool filled with whitish semen. According to the Learned Guru, in later aeon, it was called spermatogenesis.

In the semen pool, the spermatozoa swam independently in a viscous tacky liquid. The spermatozoa had been considered as the superlative seed of life. They were free and emancipated to seek their spouses in the gummy pool of tailless eggs. In another pool, there was oogenesis that formed eggs in abundance to fill the entire pool. In these pools, the intelligent souls raced to create new inventions through novel arrangement of pristine polynucleotides in three-dimensional spirals. Whatever imaginable, the intelligent souls would materialise forms or appearances through genetic insertion to create something’s new just like a sonata piece to a musical composer. It was argued by some whether the souls could think similar to learned gurus. Some doubted that the souls had minds of their own. Were the souls able to think like human? Could the learned men apply their minds with human souls to visualise the essence of creative souls? Was it necessary for the primeval souls to posses thinking process in order to participate in creationism? Did the souls think before creating genes? Defiantly, there were gurus who presumed that the souls were haphazardly playing dice of genetics at random in chaotic manners. By chance, one would create ‘that’. And by another, one would create ‘this’. If happened to be gorgeous, it would persist to be gorgeous. But if turned up to be ugly, it remained ugly forever. If appeared to be robust, it stayed strong perpetually. If materialised to be weak, it lingered to be vulnerable eternally. The other gurus opposed relentlessly. God did not ask the souls to play the dice of creation. They designed and planned under His guidance. He was none other than The al-Khaliq The Creator, The al-Musawwir The Fashioner and He was The al-Muhyi The Life Provider, said the Learned Guru. The entirety was a deterministic commandment. When He created space, then subsequently He created souls to become instruments of creation. The space itself was held together with His quality of Al-Qayyum[14]. The prime souls were the souls of fire, water, wind and soil. Whenever He desired with His Might, He could vanish space and its contents including the souls He created. Was not He The Al-Qayyum, The Fixer who commanded gluons to hold together the entire universe?

In these pools, the souls conducted experiments on nucleotides. Because of this diverse creativity, beside the pool of blood, there were the pools of pus, acid, semen and eggs. There was a pool smelt like urine. Its stench filled with ammonia and urea. The disgusting odour triggered the sensors in the mind of a guru who visualised how primordial cells developed into nephron cells, which processed waste products of the pools to convert into stinking urine. The urinary pools covered the entire earth. Wherever there were signs of life, there would be urinary pools scattered around.

In another location, there were faecal pools next to saliva pools. There were pools filled with lymphatic fluid, adjacent to the cerebrospinal fluid’s pools. Some pools were full of bile and phlegm. Amazingly, there were pools filled with bones and cartilages. A step further, there were pools of milk with floating breast, startlingly fountains of milk rained the pools. All originated from three layers of ectoderm, mesoderm and endoderm, which possessed by the spirits of water, fire, wind and soil in different composition and blend. Under the skilful hands of the handless souls, they were the masterminds to create unimaginable range of life. With the diversity of souls in trillions and zillions, the evil spirits of criminal souls would exploit the hands of future and the aeon’s futureafter; committing crimes for the sake of crimes for cruelty, terror and for the sake of genocide spirits that wore fake mask of humanity. The evil spirits waited only for the right moment to strike, based upon what had already been composed during the era of chromogenesis. The same hands started wars and put signatures on agreement paper to end man-made hostilities. Therefore, peace and wars were just a cycle. The spirits of peace were usually so petite to counter the vicious nature of the spirits of war who found pleasure through bloodsheds, terrors, cruelties and deaths. If there were no wars, their missions failed. The spirits of war were envious and resentful toward the spirits of peace. Hence, the spirits of war would inflame the seeds of hatred and spread slanders amongst human. Furthermore, the spirits of war instigated military leaders, generals and politicians to resort offensive stand before being attacked. So wars flourished incessantly for ages. Only a true source of peace from the essence of As-Salam[15], The Peace would be eternal.

[1] The Unique.
[2] The Maintainer.
[3] The Provider
[4] The Protector
[5] The Preserver: He who preserves all things in details, for a time preserves them from misfortune and calamity.
[6] He is The All-Knowing.
[7] The Honourer: He who makes one glorious, gives dignity, and treats one with respect.
[8] The Watchful; He Who observes all creatures, and every action is under His control.
[9] Expert on moon.
[10] The Bestower, He Who donates all blessings to His creatures.
[11] The Abaser.
[12] The Originator.
[13] The Fashioner; He Who designs all things.
[14] The Self-Subsisting: He who holds the entire universe.
[15] The Source of Peace.

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