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6. The Sixth Night;
The Night of Questions

It had been five consecutive nights the Learned Guru had told dazzling episodes of the tale of creationism, be it in the heaven or on earth. The tale was read directly from the cerebral literary of the Guru’s mind, simultaneously it tempted enticing excitement to the pondering listeners. Plausibly, his disciples were not many. For five, it was not difficult for the Learned Guru to convey his expertise. But he reminded them not to question him until he had finished his chronicle completely. However as expected by him, even though he had yet to come to an end, he noticed they were all extremely anxious to put intriguing questions across. Actually, he would like to reserve that night to tell the affairs of humano-genesis. Gladly, he sensed that his disciples were probably able to grasp the chronological sequence of creation but he was seemingly flexible with his schedule after considering the eagerness reflected from their complexions.

“My dearest disciples, if you have anything to ask, you may ask tonight. Tomorrow night I will continue to tell you the rest of the chronicle,” said the Learned Guru upon compelling pressure from his disciples.

“O my Learned Guru, from the beginning I humbly do not believe that the universe exists from nothingness. How is from nothingness be something in existence? ” asked the first disciple.

“Indeed my dearest first disciple, for every single word, there is an antonym. The opposite of presence is absence. In phenomenology, absence is therefore unquestionably an existence because presence is a sensible actuality whose occurrence is conclusively physical. So a non-existence is a reality when its presence materializes. To verify its absence, we would rely on available senses therefore we could not see the unseen, which its manifestation remains invisible, the inaudible which its sound lingers mute and the odourless which its smell stays fragrance-free. It goes the same with the unfelt and the unpalatable. The one considered absence is metaphysically present but our common senses are unable to detect its existence. Thereby, we simply declare its absence in nothingness but not to The Al-Basir[1] and As-Sami‘[2].”

“You mean, O my Leaned Guru, could we not believe our own senses?” asked the second disciple.

“O my dearest second disciple, as human, we are equipped by God Al-Mighty with five senses for us to see, listen, smell, touch and taste whatever entity in universe. However God does not bestow other extra sensible perceptions to human except for prophets, apostles and saints. Ordinary human beings have five senses. An extremely small number of human are conferred special status to have six senses or more. Perceptibly, there are human that able to listen to paintings, to see music, to taste shapes, to smell events and to touch distant objects through waves. That includes ability to move objects from a point to another only through strong intention in mind or brains that acts as receivers for images and waves. There are human’s transmitters, sending dreams to others in sleep or while awake. It is rather difficult to distinguish between hallucination and extra-sensation phenomenon. Bewildered by what seems to be, confused doctors admits them to mental sanatorium together with psychotics when extra-sensation human who mentions that they have seen sound or they have heard light. Detained in perplexity and mystification, they are only accompanied by hilarious souls. But the intelligent souls have numerous senses with prescribed abilities, so they enjoy entering and leaving to cause mental calamity or to portray superb psychic power to the infested human bodies. When the intelligent souls become host to the infested body, then the body turns into a super-being who defies gravity, unlike the hanging levitation on magicians' stage, or pseudo-transcendence due to hyper-endorphinism, but o my dearest disciples, the super being is able to ascend above the celestial stratum through a real levitation, moving at the speed of light, exploring heaven stratum after stratum to become a cosmic man who transcends to celestial realm without leaving the Sufis centre.”

“Is it true O my Learned Guru, in the timeless realm, time has not existed? If so, where is the missing time? ” asked the third disciple.

“When time has not existed, where on universe time could be? As a matter of fact, it is still absent. It could not move neither come. Not to mention when space is yet a reality.”

“So my Learned Guru, time and space exist at different aeons?” asked the fourth disciple.

“It obviously appears to be exactly like what you’ve have just said, my dearest fourth disciple. Therefore space is much older than time. Likewise, human mind also has inner infinite space; only our inadequacy has limited its potential infinity. In our mind, there is a parallel cosmos as spacious as our universe.”

“O my Learned Guru, correct me if I am wrong, could space exist without time for a very long period?” asked the fifth disciple.

“Indeed it is true my dearest disciples, space has existed without time. With your mental strength you may enter this timeless space.”

“Can you teach us how to reach the timeless space?” asked enthusiastically the second disciple.

“Certainly, my dearest disciples, but all of you have to finish listening to the chronicle. You need to listen carefully to the narration of the chronicle in order to avoid getting loss in the timeless space and know how to return to the real world. It is a virtual space between thoughts. And that is a gateway that leads to the portal of timeless space.”

“Is it true that time will eventually die?” asked the third disciple.

“It is not difficult to think in such context, O my dearest third disciple. If time is alive by the act of birth so the opposite of alive is dead. Thus time will receive similar fate like anything that ever lives. Therefore it will die anyway at fated moment. Each of you is born at a given time. At that particular time, it is a specific time for you and when you die, it would remove time from your body; your soul will be back to the timeless realm. It goes the same with the pre-time space, the space which time has yet to exist. When time dies, space exists without time and order. All elements from the kingdoms of animals and Nabataean will become cruising particles, colliding and smashing each other as it used to behave in the previous pre-time realm or creating a new order with the help of new spirits of time.”

“O my dearest Learned Guru, if time and space can die, will souls die as well?” asked the first disciple.

“Indeed, it is my dearest disciple. According to Aristotle, ‘the souls are not immortal’. On contrary, Descartes believes the opposite and later his views are adopted by theocratic philosophers in the coming future.”

“Who and what will not die?” asked the fifth disciple.

“Who is The Creator of time and space, no God other than Him, The Only One, The Al-Ahad. That is the reason why time and space can die but not it’s Creator. What? Genetic inheritance from the essence of The Al-Warith[3] is everlasting be it human, animals and plants. If there is no genetic death, they survive. If the ecology is preserved, no colossal catastrophe, the genetic inheritance becomes immortal. There are genes which posses ability to adapt, they remain intact despite of being bombarded by cosmic storms, showering earth with meteoroids, meteorites, comets and being engulfed by the exploding meteoric twisters with nuclear emission which creates new nucleotides then intertwine its into double helix, hence new creatures and plants will emerge to produce a completely new ecological system. However, some genetic entities are secured and survive without any mutation, continue its mitosis and meiosis as if there is nothing has happened despite the earth once again becoming semi-solid in consistency. Cosmic phenomena in remote universe can cause thermal radiation that melt icy mountains in the earth poles. Consequently, elevated sea level at the end of Cretaceous era killed many land and marine creatures. Its changing ecology and habitat caused food chains’ depletion, which led to synchronized mass death and extinction of reptilians, dinosaurs and other marine creatures. So the immortals must have had genes with resilient souls, geared to survive in spite what happen to the world. They return to the pools of genesis. These genes will create the immortal species that persist to stay for coming future and futureafter. These genes are genes for survivalists that have been woven by the intelligent souls who recognize the danger of cosmic phenomena and the ecosystem’s restructuring which again make it possible that only the strongest and the fittest survive in the ever-changing world.”

“Is it true O my Learned Guru that God creates souls much earlier that man?" asked the third disciple.”

“It is true as a matter of fact, my dearest disciple. God creates souls in beaming light particles prior to human, zillions in number, beyond the ability human mind to count except by His essence of Al-Hasib. However there is an astrophysics guru who fantasizes that God in fact creates souls prior to space in a dimension of spaceless realm. The souls exist from the essence within Him. Then He through his quality of Al-Qayyum releases them to bind and assemble space so vast beyond any aided eyes could see. According to the astrophysics guru, he calls them ‘gluons’, which become His tools to create space for the infantile universe that is still in the state of emptiness and devoid of, even the elementary particles. Only gluons reins then glue the universe to have a gargantuan space and allow time to have a place to stay in later future. Then God fills it with zillions of numerous types of particles from His essence, which is regarded by theologian guru as the creation of souls to be released into the pre-time space. Whether in pro or pre-genesis aeons and even in the post-genesis, each and every mind of respective multidisciplinary gurus that put forward theirs hypotheses which will be challenged and argued until the time God sends His messengers that put an end to all other creationism theories and beliefs. The messengers divulge revelations and wahyu through holy manuscripts Al-Qalam[4], The Pen of God that bestows Holy Books for respective followers. Nevertheless, the first soul created by Him from His essence of An-Nur[5] is for His last messenger.”

“O my Learned Guru, over the previous nights you had extensively described about the pre-time aeon, the formation of universe and numerous genesis, little was said physically on geographical formation. O my Learned Guru, my yearning wish is to understand about the formation of ranges and mountains?” asked the fourth disciple.

“O my dearest fourth disciple, you mean to say that you would like to know about orogenesis. Am I right?”

“Is orogenesis the same with orogeny, my Learned Guru?” asked the first disciple.

“Yes, it is the same. Do you remember as I described in the chronicle that at a time, the earth was like a spinning water sphere? There was no land, except an absolute ocean. But the ocean was too shallow that you could walk across at ankle’s depth. It was also rich with marine creatures that were blessed by the spirits of water. On the earth submerging crusts, tectonic plates floated and drifted under a high geomagnetism force. They collided until the tectonic plates emerged over the surface of the ocean. Initially, it barely emerged but after million of years and many million of galactic years, from the submerging earth crusts that formed the floor of shallow ocean, it grew high and higher as peaks of hills, mountains and ranges that pierced clouds and penetrated the sky. As the result of the collision, the ocean became deeper, the floor deepened until no shallow creatures survived. New creatures evolved. As the origin of land and mountains was from the floor of a vast ocean, it seems that many creatures appeared as if they had to leave aquatic to pneumonic realms. Some marine animals with gills started to breath through lungs. Those creatures that still loved water, they continued to breathe air from sea surface, in fact some of them had two organs, gills to suck in air in the water of deep sea and lungs were needed to cruising on the surface of water while sun bathing to entice nature’s lovers with its graceful dance. Their rare appearances will allure naturalists in coming future and futureafter. It goes the same with Nabataean life. Forced or being forced to perform adaptation. That is the reason why some plants still display its aquatic heritage in the beginning of its growth and become terrestrial when fully grown. ”

“Do you mean that ranges and mountains are actually alive?” asked the third disciple.

“Indeed, they are. Not just simply alive, they grow, getting higher and ever conquering. It is an integral part of life in the eco-system. Astonishingly, the earth is alive like planets and stars; moreover the universe is also alive upon His pleasure.”

“O my Learned Guru is it true that malevolent souls have intertwined genetic codes to enable man to discover ways to cause colossal destruction of the earth and universe?” asked the first disciple.

“I could only hope that it is not true. However from the diversity of genetic creativity, it is expected to have genes that enable the owners to be responsible for the colossal destruction. The world is destined to doom and be destroyed by none than other of the human hands. Don’t you recall than manus means a hand. It is the hand of a forgetful man over his Lord. At any age, he could be forgetful to God Al-Mighty. There is a theologian who tells a story about the sound of the third trumpet to indicate the beginning of colossal destruction. It may not last for one day because the period of colossal destruction would protract to forty years. Could you imagine that a night would last for a year or two? Its dust would last for several months. And it will come a time when the sun rises from the west and disappears over the eastern horizon at the speed of lightening. Then, again it begins a very long night, lasting for years. The night is only accompanied by a picturesque owl longing to the incessant full moon, closed enough as almost touchable by creative mind of a chronicler.”

“According to my Learned Guru, which one is the truth?” asked the fifth disciple.

“My dearest disciple, the truth is always a relative issue, depending with whom you talk to. At times, your tongue may confess an absolute truth, based on the wishes of majority or the aptness of time. It is the majority that lifts truth to a supreme height, regardless how explicit the truth of a minority; it is still condemned as an absolute false. The deciding supremacy is on the hand of amygdala in which judgment is based on the burning flare of emotional lust. So quick the amygdala reacts, there is no chance for hippocampus to acknowledge neo-cortex, seeking answers in wisdom and good judgment. That is also the works of diversified genes. The only absolute truth is from The Singularity of His Oneness, Al-Ahad as His Divine quality of The Al-Haqq Whose Truth has no change. It is contrary to gods and goddesses of the polytheism who posses many shapes, faces and functions but hold a partial truth, not the absolute.”

“O my Learned Guru, can you tell us about the black holes and the white holes?” asked the third disciple.

"In the starless space at the peripheral end of the universe, there are holes of pit black which allow nothing to pass through, be it a star, a moon or a sun. All are annihilated into sub-atomic and subnuclear particles, while the white holes assemble the elementary primordial particles to create celestial bodies for the new universe."

Suddenly, there was a grating din outside the chamber. The right index finger of the first disciple touched his lips. Immediately, the Learned Guru stopped talking after seeing his disciple’s gesture. The third disciple peeped through the window behind the old dusty curtain. He could vaguely see the approaching silhouettes of human figures. They were adherent guards of the Chief Monk from the palace’s temple. The first disciple gave signals to his four associates. Quickly, they left the chamber through a secret door. They disappeared in the dim light of the monastery’s alley, leaving their Learned Guru to continue his meditation in the darkness of the night. His heart beat silently as if it did not twitch at all and his lungs seemed to stop breathing but his inner heart recalled Al-Wakil [6]by chanting Ya-Wakil in his mind repeatedly. He had transformed into the particles of intelligent souls. The souls then traversed through thin air beyond the capabilities of human sensors, escaping from being detected by the adherent guards of the Chief Monk.

[1] The All-Seeing: He Who sees everything.
[2] The All-Hearing: He Who hears everything.
[3] The Supreme Inheritor; He Who has everlasting ownership of all things. Finite man only has temporary ownership, and at death all creatures have nothing.
[4] Divine Verses
[5] The Light: He who provides divine light to the entire universe; to the faces, minds, and hearts of His servants.
[6] The Trustee; He Who provides a means to solve all problems in the best way.

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