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7.The Seventh Night:Humano-genesis.

In the pools-lakes-seas of amniotic like fluid, various organs could be seen floating and sinking by its currents. Under persistently cloudy sky, rain kept on pouring to sustain the steady level of water. Intermittently, lightning strikes stunned the surface of the vast amniotic fluid with the electrifying cosmic storm. Its rippling currents gave high voltage shocks that caused electrons to leap from its atomic orbits that rearranged the matrix of molecular architecture, which once became the dwellers of bioorganic pools. Repeated bombardments of celestial rays emitted from the twelve heavenly strata of the sky causing instability over the pools. The resulting leaping quantum enforced and energized electrical currents with lightning strikes pattern that travelled haphazardly without any connecting cables. There were synapses and relays. In the pools, there were jumping electrons, calcium channels, neuro-transmitters and photon pumps. All were ready for humano-genesis to take place.

Cable-free circuits brought messages of primeval souls of fire spirits from celestial strata of the sky to convey greetings of genesis to the trilogy of layers that developed the floating organs in the pools tasted like amniotic fluid. The spread of cosmic greeting from the celestial strata conferred motions of a grand unity of synthe-genesis in which ectodermal layer migrated to engulf organs, bones and muscles that still barely covered with hairy enclaves.

The migration and unification of organs in a skin-covered enclosure was seemingly being biologically welded at a locus that converged like a navel. Emerging from the navel was a cord that contained the trilogy of vessels. Its free end rapidly grew like a giant placenta, which later attached to the portals of the pools of blood and urine.

All supplying nutrients from the pools of phyto-genesis of the Nabataean Kingdom would be sucked in by the villous structures of the placenta together with oxygenated haemoglobin from the neighbouring pools of blood. Through the same placental villi, carbon dioxide would be released to the pools that filled with chloroplasts in which converted carbon dioxide into oxygen with the aids of sun lights, which managed to sneak out through the gaps between dark clouds to transmit ultra-violet rays of A, B and C.

With the surplus of micronutrients and good supply of minerals, which was created in the aeon of inorganic realm, the skin-covered bodies stuffed with organs, muscles, bones and brains were then growing at rapid pace. Each organ acted in unison with others with the supervision of almost seventy thousand regulating genes. Through hormonal synthesis either by endocrine, paracrine or autocrine, which was executed under the instruction of “one gene one protein” or “one gene many polypeptide”, thus fleets of eicosonoids were produced in harmony like an orchestral conductor who composed relentless chemical sonata with the exception of time after death. The entirety was the result of a harmonious genetic collaboration like a rhythm and a melody, singing together in synchronizing symphony of mind, body and soul. The souls of genetics were always searching for perfection. Otherwise, it created catastrophe or rendered cataclysmic sufferings for life as a result of erroneous consequences. And that revealed the Magnificent Power of Divine Al-Kimiya of His Creation, be it in heavenly paradise or on the earth where the pools of humano-genesis were miraculously placed.

All creatures on earth were once beings of an aquatic realm as experienced by many others who submerged and incubated in the amniotic fluid that filled the pools, the lakes and the oceans. Some remained permanently in the aquatic realm to become dwellers of the rivers, lakes and oceans even in the aeon of futureafter. Similarly, in the coming future and futureafter, human would return to repeat the cycle as experienced by the creatures in the pools of humano-genesis. They would return to aquatic life for nine months in maternal wombs to grow zygotes, embryos and foetuses as what they had endured in the past aeons. From aeons to aeons, the migration from aquatic to terrain realms was as exactly described in the texts of the great evolutionist or from the gurus who believed in the legend of spontaneous genesis ‘ala metamorphosis’ where placenta buried its villi to the floor of semi-solid earth of the pools, lakes and the oceans to suck nutrients and to remove its waste products; the revisiting rituals to aquatic realm were a must for all creatures, be humans or apes and games in the wilderness or domesticated animals, be it birds, reptilians and amphibians or even mosquito’s larvae that later grew wings to take a flight from aquatic realm to the realm of the next habitat. All had returned to aquatic realm. And that would happen to all submerging creatures in amniotic fluid in the realms of humano-genesis and animalo-genesis. All began and returned together with the souls of water. The souls that were once upon a time in the post-time realm, they initially formed crystal clear water like a morning dew at the tip of a green leaf or vaporized like a mist over the morning beam.

The Learned Guru continued telling his chronicle.

When humano-genesis had completed, the awaiting instant would come at any time. In an abrupt moment, the reflection of Al-Mubdi would reveal His original creativity as He created for the first time all beings from nothing and without any example. Like liberated butterflies, freeing its self from apparently restrictive cocoons, the creatures of the pools, lakes and oceans of the amniotic fluid had been blessed with miracles of benevolent mercy when the aquatic creatures with umbilical cords started to emerge simultaneously from the floor to the surface of pools of genesis. However there were gurus who proposed a modified version. They rejected the idea of emerging movements of the creatures to the surface. Accordingly, their noses would be firstly exposed to pneumonic realm. When the nostrils reached to the surface, the souls of wind blew air of mercy into the windpipe and sinuses. For the first time, the blessed lungs were expanded as to commence its vital function. When the sinuses filled with the air, the heads would be floating, providing a buoyant effect that lifted the noses to the surface. According to one guru, the presence of sinuses in human skulls was valid evidence that human were once the submerging dwellers of the pools of humanogenesis. Rejecting the idea that the submerging beings moved on its own accord, they proposed a different version as they were convinced that the realization was due to the lowering level of amniotic fluid, which was dried up by the spirits of fire from the blazing sun. As dark clouds disappeared from the naked sky, there was nothing to stop scorching heat from the furious sun.

Whatever theory or hypothesis behind the blissful act of mercy, the noses were the first physical structures that came out from the surface and inhaling air like the breathing of a cruising whale in deep sea. Awaken from the aquatic sleep for thousand of years, like full term foetuses in the maternal wombs, the noses breathed fresh air provided by green vegetations. Many millions of years before, they had made an early departure from its aquatic realm of the Nabataean Kingdom, migrating to the dry terrains, which later followed by the ancient tetrapods. The migration of tetrapods to wet land was a repetition, similar to resettlement of green vegetation. Bathing in the hot summer, the tetrapods displayed their amphibian lungs while crawling on the slippery bank of low tide pools. When high tide came, they returned to aquatic realm, breathing with their gills, swam in the water with its tails. The creatures that lived in both realms whether in the Animals or the Nabataean Kingdoms, struggled to occupy the newly formed land of Pangea.

When the rain came back and downpour was heavy, the level of amniotic fluid in the pools raised. The raising level drowned the high and sharp noses that tilted upward pointing to dark cloudy sky then they dived again to the aquatic realm as like the tetrapods returned to use its gills to breathe. But for those whose gills were rudimentary, they had to depend on the umbilical chords. Thus through out day and night cycle, the submerging creatures soaked in the amniotic fluid for thousand of years until the souls of fire in the celestial heaven blew a searing solar heat that dried up the pools and the lakes but not the ocean of amniotic-like fluid. When the level dropped again, it was a time for merciful blow of a blissful air to enter the nostrils and sinuses for unaccountable times. However, there would be an ultimate time, probably the end of drowning episodes because the rain was no longer coming to submerge the blessed noses.

Suddenly, the eyelids were opening wide. Dazzling light penetrated the retina. For the first time, the images of blue sky and snowy cumulus cloud registered in visual centre of occipital lobes of both hemispheres of the brain. Swiftly, the hands started to move abruptly across the surface as if the hands would like to reach the snowy clouds and tried to hang on it. The amniotic fluid was still drenching the eyeballs so the creature was unable to estimate distance. The outreaching hands fell back, smashing the water and created waving ripples that travelled to the end of the pool. Since for a very long time as the water level dropped, the pools remained peacefully calm. The splashing had broken the monotony of a serene tranquillity of the pool.

The serenity of the pools once more returned after the ripples died away. It did not reflect the chaotic activities underneath. These phenomenological events told by the Learned Guru had mesmerised his disciples from the very first night of the chronicle. Suddenly, the two feet kicked off the soft floor, which collected huge debris of genesis. With explosive vigour, the body stood erected from prolonged immersion. The ejected feet transformed into a spontaneous bipedalism. According to the Learned Guru, the spontaneity had eliminated the dream of the Great Evolutionist, who strongly believed that tetrapedalism preceded bipedalism. However the innate bipedalist fell down on his first attempt. For the first time, the word ‘he’ was given to the footman. And the bipedalist had attempted to stand for several times before he could successfully use his balancing system in the cerebellum and semicircular canals. The falls were partly because his body was still attached to the umbilical cord with an anchoring placenta buried in the floor of the pool. His movement was still restrictive until his hands grabbed the cord and with fierce snapping, he liberated himself from maternal bondage. The blood and the urine splattered around in one section of the pool, staining the amniotic fluid like the work of a psychedelic artist on a watery canvas. For the first time, he used his hands or the manus and according to the Learned Guru, the word man semantically derived from the word manus. And man was no longer called bipedalist because the dexterity of hands had liberated him.

The splattered blood from the broken umbilical cord had eventually stopped. After blood clot sealed the bleeding point, the man regained his strength. For some time, he had been laying on prone position on the beach of Pangea Land like a tetrapods crawling on the pre-Cambrian terrain. That was the images revealed in the dream of the Great Evolutionist but then the period of crawling episode on the beach had been extended from a few hours to million of years. All were because of imaginative power, said the Learned Guru, who had enthralled his disciples with magical and illuminating verses.

When the first man gathered his strength, he was able to stand on the beach of Pangea on his own; he could see scores of other men emerged from the pools of amniotic fluid, migrated to the Land of Pangea. As if they already knew, they wanted freedom from the beginning. After being captives by the cord to the maternal soil that fed them for thousand of years, they still wanted freedom. The shackle of umbilical cord was like a chain that bound them into dependency. The snapping of thousand of umbilical cords had turned the pools of amniotic fluid into the pools of blood. In other sites of spontaneous humanogenesis, it turned sea of amniotic-like fluid into the sea of blood, later known as the Red Sea. The creatures of aquatic realms wanted freedom, not being incubated in water for thousand of years. That was a basic desire to be men innate feature to be free, not to be physically chained. Thus, to gain independence was a belief for all men in the future and futureafter.

And for the First Man, now he could proudly stand and walk on the beach of Pangea. It seemed to be a human nature to react; the First Man went back to the pool of amniotic fluid, when he saw other human beings were struggling for life in the water. With great effort, they fought to free themselves from drowning. The spirit to help out was a primary altruistic move by the First Man. It was created to be an integral feature of humanity, said the Learned Guru.

The First Man pulled out a person from the pool. The person was almost drowning. But he quickly noticed that the person he had saved was a bit different from him. The difference was rather tantalizing not simply to stare at but it was quite interesting to touch. Obviously, his subsequent touch was immediately pushed aside. The First Man looked perplexing at his flat chest but then he stared again baffling at the breast of the person whom he had pulled out from the pool of genesis. Out of curiosity, he caressed the breast again. It was an amazing feeling. After being warded off several time, the First Man then realized that the person he had helped, was different from him, at least at two major parts. He subsequently understood that these two areas were too sacred. He was no longer bothered to ever touch the areas again. His attention was shifted to the pools of genesis to help the submerging dwellers that were struggling to free them from the shackle of umbilical cords that still binding them to the anchoring placentas.

Furthermore, not all that had been pulled out from the pools were good looking. If obnoxious, he and other human beings whom he had assisted would release them back to the pools and let them drowned. There were monster creatures with one eye; in fact there was a single-eyed creature at the back of his head. One creature with horn on his forehead just likes a rhinoceros. There were creative souls who by mistake, incorrectly intertwined erroneous DNA sequence, with devastating consequences on chromosomes. Some have excess and some have less. There was a trisomy 13 whose face, gapping with hare-lip to cleft palate, a flat nose with undeveloped ears; tiny eye balls were close to the nasal bridge, with hairy forehead, abnormal six-finger hands and an empty scrotum. He looked scary. It was not difficult for them to let the flat nose drowned. In later future, many gurus raced to put their names over the imperfection of chromosomes and one guru attributed the anomaly to his name, Patau Syndrome. Mr. Edward put his name as the discoverer of trisomy 18, despite it was discovered by the First Man while pulling him out from the pools of humano-genesis. And without hesitation, Mr. Down later claimed the anomaly of Trisomy 21 was his; and named it as Down’s syndrome. However millions years ago, a Mongoloid eye's baby was pulled out from the pools of humano-genesis and surrendered to the woman of whom the First Man had saved her from drowning.

Yet, there were many products of chromosomal aberration in the pools of humano-genesis. Amongst them, according to the Learned Guru, there was a spontaneous giggling doll that laughed for no apparent reason. Simply because of a single missing bar on the chromosomes led to ‘Angelman’. The handicap became a life-long exhibit. They turned to be popular figures in books on genetics. But in the pools of humano-genesis, there were much more than what were written in all books of genetics. Every thing and every one was there in the pools of humano-genesis, from 47 XXY, a breast woman with male genital to the one with 45 X chromosome, a huge neck’s woman without a womb. In the pools, besides normal human beings, there was a monster called ‘osteogenesis imperfecta’, there were human with long hands and fingers like a spider, there were also midgets and dwarfs and there were women with moustaches and beards.

All abnormalities seen in the future and futureafter were already there in the pools of humano-genesis. As a matter of fact, those who stood up by themselves, many of them were strong muscular men, beautiful naked women; together they snapped the umbilical cords and left in pairs to the beach of Pangea. The moment they landed, there were already conflicts, struggles, confrontation, tussles, clashes and mêlée. They did not wait long to display their true colours. Dead bodies sprawled on the sandy white beach, staining with blood from the cords. Some of them were still hooked to the placentas as they dragged along, leaving tracks and trails of bloodstains. Those hands of human had committed homicide on newly given life and yet unable to discover the joys of living. Million years of waiting, from a single cell to humano-genesis, and suddenly they simply died strangulated by the newly discovered use of hands in struggles, tussles and clashes. Said the Learned Guru, you should not be surprised why human liked to kill each other because the Creator had given them a pair of hand. It was the same hands that in later future caused colossal devastation. When the umbilical cords separated from its navels, their empty stomachs turned human beings becoming anxious, restless and irritable. But some who had been blessed with the essence of Al- Qabit[1], they remained calm and they did experience hunger like others. Those who were excluded from the blessing, they overcame their anxiety and irritability by attacking each other and violently bite anything edible. Dead human’s corpses resulted from the first fatal turmoil became foodstuff’s ration for unbearable hunger’s pang. It transformed them into cannibals and no wonder they passed the heritage to future generation. In the coming future, the hands had created weapons of mass destruction to kill human in great numbers. Hasn’t it been mentioned in holy manuscripts that human were conferred a pair of hands and that same pair of hands would cause mass destruction of human beings? The Learned Pendeta continued to tell his chronicle.

After same time, the First Man who came out from the pools of genesis was looking for the first woman he had helped. He found the woman amongst many other new inhabitants of the land, who were still in fracas, snatching and grabbing each other for no apparent reason. Clutching a Mongoloid baby over her waist, she was excited to see the First Man.

“Man!” shouted the woman.
“Mama!” The First Man replied quickly.
“Man!” the woman reaffirmed as she pointed to the first man who emerged from the pools of amniotic fluid.
“Mama,” replied the First Man whilst touching the chest of the women with his bare hand.

The First Man grabbed Mama’s hand and brought them to safer place.
The Mongoloid-eyed baby cried aloud. Mama held her tightly, so tight that the baby’s lips touched her nipple. Suddenly, the high pitch crying voice of the baby became mute. The mouth suckled the breast in natural manner to end the baby’s anxiety. Probably “id” had existed long before Freud discovered his Oedipus’s myth, remarked the Learned Guru as he continued his story. But the pleasure gained by the small eye baby did not come together with milk. The breasts were dry.

The First Man and Mama ran away from groups of fighting people, the people that became enemy the first moment they met. They fought simply because they disliked seeing the skin's colour of their rivals. Thus, forming clans based on the tone of skin's colour was to please their primary visual prejudices. The whites together with the whites, the blacks blended the blacks, the browns felt pleasantly comfortable with its kind and the fruity yellows mixed with its band.

During the runaway in search of a refuge, the trio found many other pools with its manifestation. While looking for their way out, the Mongoloid-eyed baby started to cry again. Upon gesture of suggestion of the First Man, Mama gave a mouthful of amniotic fluid from the nearby pool to pacify the baby. But the baby refused and regurgitated the fluid. In anguish, Mama kept on seeking an alternative. She saw at a distance a white pool, a truly white, a colour of peace, added
the Learned Guru. The chosen colour was meant to salvage and preserve life. They approached the white pool. The First Man took a small amount of white water and tasted its savour. He found out that it was pleasantly palatable. With his both hands, the First Man took the white water and let Mama tasted it. Agreeing on its palatability, without hesitation Mama gave it to the Mongoloid child.

“!” shouted the child asking for more.

Mama reiterated the word as she pointed to the pool of milk.

As she fed her baby, she also took the joy of drinking the milk. While drinking, suddenly Mama was surprised by an abrupt emergence of bunch of breasts, floating on the surface of the pool, sprinkling milk from thousand nipples without any physical bodies. According to the Learned Guru, the pool of milk was a product of selective cloning to be used in future and futureafter for treatment of breast cancer. The Learned Guru continued his story.

In the pool of milk, there was prolactin hormone. And Mama had taken it in large quantity. As the result of drinking milk with prolactin, Mama’s breast engorged, full of milk. The First Man and Mama were no longer in need to stay at the vicinity of the pools of milk. A part from the place was not safe as it was initially found because people from other pools of genesis flocked to the pools of milk.

Thus, the trio travelled an expedition voyage to an unknown land of Pangea. They passed numerous pools of genesis with weird humanoid creatures, told the Learned Guru. In spontaneous genesis, all creatures including proto-human like Lucy or known by paleoanthropology fraternity as Australopithecus afensis manifested in more or less the same time. It was not an evolution except only a Darwin's tale. Due to its diverse DNA combinations as a result of the dicing power of the souls of soil, fire, wind and water playing with infinite numbers of nucleotides, they acted like an artist sketching polymorphic shapes, therefore besides Lucy, other creatures like Australopithecus ramidus, Neanderthals, Australopithecus anamensis, Homo sapiens like the First Man and Mama, Little Foot, Flat Foot and Big Foot.
In expedition to search for a safe and secured place, at times the trio had to pass the pools full of monsters, which had not left the pools of genesis. However the monsters were not the same like Gorgons and the snake-headed Medusa, hundred-heads Typhoon, fire-blowing Cacus, one-eyed Cyclopes, human-headed Centaurs but the monsters that The First Man and Mama met, were due to chromosomal aberrations. The scary shapes and appearances of the creatures were not as mighty and violent as described in most ancient tales and myths. They became extinct because genetic creativity exposed them to many enemies and with time they were unable to sustain their survivals. So they existed only in the minds of creative writers and puppets’ masters of the future.

As the night slipped away, the Learned Guru wished to retire. If his disciples were missing for hours from the surveillance of Chief Monk's secret agents, they would be followed day and night, making difficult for them to hear the rest of the chronicle. After promising them that he would continue telling the chronicle of genesis for his eager disciples in coming nights, he simply disappeared through the solid granite wall.

[1] The Constrictor.

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