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5.The Fifth Night:
The Organogenesis

The gurus argued relentlessly and never got bored to discuss about genes and genesis. The word, genes were so divinely sacred. All words that expressed about creation were associated with genes. Thus one Guru simplified genesis as processes of materialization of genes and manifested features of genes. The word GENEral derived from the word ‘gene’. The general, said the Learned Guru, was the warlord that commanded orders to win battles. Similarly, the genes acted like generals controlling every single function of cells, whether it was in cytoplasm or in nucleoplasm. In fact, they dictated everything within cells or inter-cells. Obviously, genesis had its fields. Then creative writers adopted the word gene to become genres of various literatures. The genres had fields for creativity and ingenuity. Some preferred the genre of poetry. Many favoured the genre of prose, plain and factual. The rhymesters would beautifully combine letters and words to form verses and sentences. In between verses and sentences, they entwined metaphors, similes, allegories, couplets, stanzas, idioms, parables, sayings, axioms, aphorisms and anecdotes. Therefore with such creativity, the writers came out with compositions, articles, discourses, essays, tales, legends, fairy tales, saga, chronicles, short stories, poetry and novels. All had respective genre. Like genesis materialized biodiversity, playing with letters and words or skilfully coining with letters and characters gave birth to various languages to be comprehended, respected and esteemed. Comparatively, the language of genes was more supreme and superlative than the most advanced language of the universe. It was the most treasured language of all. Indisputably superior, the language of genes enriched life with myriad manifestations. That was the reason why writers borrowed ‘gene’ for genre. If words and verses were beautifully arranged as in enticing literatures, then an everlasting masterpiece would become an admiration through out ages. It was in the quintessence of The Al-Baqi[1]. Likewise, if DNA and genes were also beautifully arranged like in literatures then the outcomes would be even more fascinated than a mere tale. The genetic arrangements would produce the most supreme beings and creatures in numerous forms, the most sophisticated regulatory systems and the most modern governance in the entire universe. And also with the genes, its arrangement created defensive and offensive systems of war that intrigued generals in future and futureafter. In other words, said the Learned Guru, the existence of laureates was due to the presence of assigned genes especially designed for them. Nonetheless, they did not realize that they were merely sets of magnificent genes as reflected in their beautiful poetry. No matter how paramount the laureates’ scripts, there was no match to the supremacy of the souls that entwined the creative polynucleotides. The double helix created words, orchestrated languages and allowed laureates to discover extravagant phrases and florid cantos in literatures. So their scripts would be appreciated in future even in their absence. This was due to the paramount greatness of genes and its manifestations through the essence of Al-Waajidi[2], The Discoverer who brought laureates and literatures into reality and fantasy.

The same was true with organogenesis. The genes were meticulously arranged to develop organs as how in the past, the genes had created organisms such as microbes, viruses and fungi. Thus, in bioorganic pool of creation, the developing organs were scattered all over like mushrooms in the morning mist. From trilogy of primordial layers, they gave birth to various cells that later grew into numerous organs. In the past, the genes built organelles in cytoplasm and chromosomes in nucleus. Now, the intelligent souls delicately arranged new genes to construct cells of identical shape with the same goals and targets, moreover with the integrated functions to fortify the cluster of analogous cells. It was an innate instinct of basic need for the cluster to form group of cells with common struggle to develop into organs of various systems. Group’s struggle began since the post-time aeon where life had not existed till the aeon of futureafter. The dwellers of universe fought to death, battled in wars and killed each other amongst gangs, groups, bands, mobs, clans, tribes, races and species. That was why, said the Learned Guru, the future dwellers committed genocide during Diasporas. The Diasporas were continually retaliated with repeated massacres. Didn’t genocide semantically mean systematic killing of genes? Genes were present in anything alive. Without genes there would not be life. And the life that genes offered was unique, incomparable to the artificial life of a motor vehicle. Despite the vehicle was devoid of soul but still the spirit of fire in burning gasoline of the combustion chamber moved the vehicle as if it were alive. Anything-alive must had souls or spirits. Souls were present even in things as in living beings whether animals or plants. Primeval souls, according to gurus, were not the same with supreme souls who were more complex and intricate than human souls. Souls were well-defined particles with intelligence. Not all particles had souls but particles became souls when they formed distinct formation with sub-atomic, sub-nuclear and supranuclear particles. They were free to enter and leave anything, not simply just to tantalize free electrons that ran amuck like radical groups. Free radicals were mutator of genes. They could turn decent genes to malignant neoplastic genes known as oncogenes. Consequently it made many spirits without faces and with no cherished complexion.

Souls came in bands. There were constructive souls and there were also destructive souls. Blissful souls gave life and became guardian of health. In contrast, evil souls brought death. Some souls became addicted to carnage. No a single moment was spared to suppress the urge to kill. They then appeared in wicked minds of later aeon to commit genocide with pleasure that took millions of innocent life. There were souls for jinns, evils and devils. Auspiciously, there were many other divine souls like angels and saints. Some intelligent souls blew spirit of awareness for dissemination of knowledge through the essence of Al-Alim while unifying souls embraced love and affection to allow gluons to hold universe in infinity with the blessing of His qualities of Ar-Rauf[3] and Al-Qayyum. Therefore, with the birth of these souls in universe, they later intertwined DNA in divine compositions to unite cells in the pool of bioorganic soup for common destiny. The diligence of souls was so obvious in designing the architecture of developing organs. From over-view structure to intricate convolution of vasculature with precisely placed vessels equipped with respective valves and supported with the complexity of network of capillaries, the sophistication of secretory products from various organs astonished thinkers for ages and its elaborate wiring of intra-organs and inter-organs’ innervations intrigued engineers forever. These were the creative works of souls with association of other inspired souls who shared the ideals of organs' development. In a single cell, billions of polynucleotides had been spirally twisted into genes that contain information and commands for organ’s construction. Anything related to organo-genesis, from the starting point to the last point would be securely kept in genes, in line with His Will of Al-Awwal [4]and Al-Akhir[5]. All had been neatly and orderly arranged in spirited methodology of chained commands or at times simultaneous cascade of instructions. Upon completion of an event, immediately began another. When an intended project accomplished; a follow-up project would commence. Once an agenda ended, the new one would start as designed. Another programme ceased, many other programmes instantaneously initiated. One grand plan implemented other mega plans had been set on in full swing. Furthermore, there were activator genes to actuate programmes. If progress was rather slow, there were enhancer genes to push process to a desired pace. But should surplus or redundancy occur; the repressor genes would take charge to eliminate the imbalances. There came housekeeping genes that swiped dirt and leftover during numerous processes of organo-genesis. In the pool filled with amniotic-like fluid, there were conceptions between unicellulars, which turned haploid into diploid cells. Subsequently, in cytoplasm of fertilised cells, there was a kind of mRNA called maternal gene that dealt with all kind of motherhoods. The maternal genes collaborated with other proteins activated zygotic genes in the nucleus. The zygotic genes had high degree of determination. They possessed a concealed intent, securely kept until the right time had come to express its innate desires. At this juncture, there was a group of genes called morphogens. With the help of zygotic genes, morphogens had been awakened. With the essence of Al-Musawwir, the morphogens fashioned the shape of cells and organs in accordance to His determinism. Thus, at the same time, there were also inducer genes that stirred other genes to become activated after long period of sleep and remained in idle state. Likewise, there were also busybody genes and genetic gurus called it, the organizer genes. These were secrets of all secrets that were told by the Learned Guru to his disciples. He told them about ‘the maternal effect genes, the genes which were responsible to initiate life for all creatures that had moms. There were also segmentation genes, which followed the operating maternal genes. Thus, the segmentation genes were responsible to shape segmental parts of exo-skeletons and vertebrate creatures. Therefore, there were many types of segmentation genes. Then one of these genes turned on the switch to activate homeotic genes, which developed internal structures for respective segments. At that particular time, there were already present the genes for suicide to execute apoptosis. When specific objectives at a particular phase had completed, the scaffolding cells that used to form the framework of internal organs had to voluntarily perform self-destruction through cellular mass suicide programme. They were created only for the purpose to execute early death once the assignment had completed. According to the Learned Guru, there were three genes that controlled apoptosis, ced-3, ced-4 and ced-9. The first two genes were the death angels whereas the ced-9 gene was supposed to block the action of ced-3 and ced-4 genes from giving instruction to commit suicide. When ced-9 became too expressive, therefore the affected gene turned into a homicide oncogene that killed human with cancer. The cancer cells did not know the real meaning of death because they had no suicide programme. When ced-3 and ced-4 were to strong, they would eventually invite various deGENErative diseases that caused early tissue damage, which brought suffering and pain for the rest of life. All of these manifestations were due to genes and GENEsis. Then a question came out, whether the word deGENErative diseases literally meant the loss of good quality genes?

In a perfect genesis, there was no error. The perfection was a requisite necessity. Simply not just a single obligation had to be perfect but it involved zillions of perfect commitments to genesis. Without an absolute perfection, group survival could not be fully secured. The organ as a group of cells that did not sustain normal functions would be a burden to the owners in future and after. If nasty souls inserted an erroneous nucleotide arrangement even be a single thymine or cytosine or adenine or guanine, therefore the organ’s owners would suffer because the organ contained a solitary error on its DNA sequence. Even a single mistake over zillion of DNA, it could lead to fatal consequences million years to come simply because there were incompetent souls messed around in fault. Thus, all organs required absolute perfection without any room for a sole mistake in its arrangements. The faulty organs were no longer useful so they would be annihilated in the bioorganic pools by destroying enzymes to be recycled as raw materials.

Thus, when the Learned Guru wanted to tell a tale about genesis, inescapably he needed to transmit important messages about the history of organogenesis. It was imperative to understand that the organs were developed form the spirits of soil, water, air and fire with specific composition for particular organs but it was not true that the organs had developed without any apparent natural rules. A well-composed blueprint of genes determined the fate of all processes related to genesis. The blueprint monitored the entire eventuality. Hence, for that particular reason, the three primordial layers of ectoderm, mesoderm and endoderm, simultaneously developed into organs but unlike magic, it went through stages and phases before it gave its magical results. From chronological point of view, the three primordial layers developed in chorus however the Learned Guru focused his elaboration layer after layer.

It began with the ectodermal layer, which was the outermost layer of all; the ectoderm would become skin and its derivatives. Amongst the primordial skin cells that covered the entire young meat that would developed into an organ of non-existence in earlier stage, came a single skin cell, after being blessed by the intelligent souls, wanted to construct a new entity in the pristine water of the pools of bioorganic soup. At the surface of ectoderm, the single skin cell propagated into a band of intelligent skin cells that declared to be separated from the rest of ectoderm’s clanship. These cells had activated genes that had not in the past ever developed something that was about to happen. Who was the genetics engineer that intertwined NeuroD gene, which accommodated the development of the most intelligent cells of all? Obviously, none other than the souls of soil who had a big plan to create an organ that was able to solve conundrums of the past, present and future, to recite couplets and poems, to calculate the radius of Holmberg[6], to build agora, to give logics to Aristotle, to memorize sacred manuscripts, to whisper love in lust of passion, to stimulate the chemistry of consciousness, to impart calculus to mathematicians and to write Rubi’ayat and Algebra[7] through metaphysical poetry. It was the work of neurogenesis that created brains and its nervous systems. The intelligent souls with primeval element of divine soil with the blessing of Al-Khaliq had succeeded in the field of genetic engineering in billions of years.

Firstly, the cells multiplied in linear fashion along longitudinal meridian of spherical meat mass, stretching from one pole to the other. They proliferated like soldiers in lines. From the surface, they invaginated simultaneously inward on the command of specific genes. The invagination was simply like an attack of columns of intelligent skin cells to form a nerve plate. Ever since they had declared to be separated from the original ectodermal layer, they transformed into primordial nerve cells that would later become a central nervous system, which extensively connected with its peripheral nervous system. That was the reason through skin; there were extensive cables to connect with the brain. While the nerve plate had left away from the skin, the seeds of nerve cells continued to proliferate according to its predetermined tracks and pathways as governed by NeuroD genes. Those cells remained over the skin area developed into various sensors and ramification of delicate nerve endings. The nerve fibres and tracts were extremely thin like a hair divided into thousands strips. From the common seed, they grew centrally to become brains and peripherally to become nerves and its branches in extensive ramification of fine fibrils to enrich skin with billions of touch sensors. That explained how acupuncturists and reflexologists conquered pain and ended agony. Unsurprised by their actions to pierce and press different loci on the surface of skin, miraculously they were able to shut off the gateways of pain to end agonies, sufferings, colic, aching, miseries, hurts and tenderness of numerous forms, levels and intensity. All phenomena mentioned were due to that nerves originated from skin and brains were actually skin cells that had undergone superspecialization. It was hard for creative writers to accept that their super creative brains were genealogically descendents of the humble skin, which turned super clever. The Learned Guru was astonished how some superficial thinkers overtly preferred the contents than its skin, lacking to realize that without skin there would be no brains to think, write and create from nothing to a great existence.

From the invaginated neurogenic plate, they formed a neural tube with two ends. The cephalic end shaped pons and medulla oblongata to give brains to reptilians. Reptilians’ brains were devoid of emotions because its design ended as outlined. But once the superior genes were able to develop amygdala as an important part of midbrains, mammals were awarded with emotions and affections. With the gift of amygdala, His virtue of Al-Wadud [8]had bestowed love and to be loved. Just looked at the cold unemotional faces of sea turtles, only in the mind of poets, the melancholy of grieved sea turtles was presumably due to likelihood of its eggs, stolen and eaten by predators. Thus, to possess affections of Ar-Ra’uf[9], The Compassionate, was a magnificent gift from God Al-Mighty to mammalian brains. If inserted, the genes that distinguished human from other mammals into the polynucleotides’ chains, evidently it turned human brains to possess more of intelligent souls than all creatures in animal kingdom. Despite of that superior ability, human were able to descend from superior human brains to such inferior wild animals to cause carnage amongst human beings without emotions and affections. That explained why human continued to be violent, brutal and cruel. For beasts, it was well understood for their wild behaviours but for human to bring down the superior brains to the level of feral mammals and vicious reptiles at will, was something of beyond the awareness of sanity of upper brains where emotions governed the entire ravage actions of animalized human. Therefore, human turned into wild beasts to become slaves of emotional rage, submitted to seductive lust that transformed human to possess animal spirits, loss sense of self-esteem, trespassed cultural and religious ordinances then the animal brain of human committed incest as practised in early stage of primitive creatures known as in-breeding. Sensible human looked down at incest as they looked down at animals. Hence human brains were not as perfect as it seemed to be because the fault of imperfection was due to the remnant of animal brain in human. It would certainly strengthen the evolutionists’ argument that human were manifestation of animals that pretended to be cultured and religious. The pretence then became institutionalized into customs and acts. When there were opportunities to become animals, brains would reverse human bodies into fierce violent beasts. That clearly elucidated the reason why human savoured killing each other akin to animals adopting the rules of jungle like religious practise.

In the pool of bioorganic soup tasted like amniotic fluid, nerve cells divided into notochord, a primitive spinal chord, which had two ends. The cephalic end actively divided through mitosis, it seemed to be folded and convoluted only stopped by a brain canister. The cephalic end congregated in a massive assembly while the caudal end diverged into ramified branches sneaking through various primeval layers especially the ectoderm to innervate the entire skin that once would be enveloping a spirited body. From the convolution of the cephalic end, came out twelve pairs of cranial nerves to wander around the various pools with constructing organs in making. Besides innervating the brain, the cranial nerves cruised each and every manifested organ from mesoderm to endoderm. The peripheral nerves then explored many other bioorganic pools before ectodermal layers launched an enclosure to a spirited body. The exploration of peripheral nerves in a divergence of various bearings had tempted cellular migration from the pools of newly formed organs. The migration was to fulfil the innate desire of the spirits of organs that roamed the pool of organogenesis. There were pools of hearts, lungs, brains, livers, bones, spleens, gastro-intestines, musculoskeletal, genitals, kidneys and pools of milk with floating breasts and engorged nipples. All these organs were spiritual gifts from Him, The Al-Karim[10], who was so generous to ensure a perfect life for human. Also there were endocrine pools with assortment of active hormones to be readily used. The migration of differentiated cells of various organs, according to certain gurus, was simply a sheer imagination of some creative thinkers who were staunch believers of unproven hypothesis. There was no possibility to prove its validity. Every guru could freely imagine about creationism and existentialism. What ever imagination one could perceive was actually the creative work of intelligent souls and its manifested beings that intertwined polynucleotides of DNA into ingenious spirals, which inserted fictitious dreams as truth, not the absolute Truth but only relative in nature. Nevertheless, the dreams of perceived truth were deemed as unquestionable truth for centuries. The intoxicating fantasy that separated souls from mind and body was weakly argued. In another aeon, the factitious dreams that were accepted as absolute truth were then regarded as ancient fairy tales, myths and fallacy. All were hearsays of yesteryears. The dreams once governed the reign of truth embracing thousands, millions and billions of devoted zealots in the myriad of shared dreamers. However, truth never existed in its bare forms. It was always decorated with masks of fallacy in many forms, shapes, appearances, mantala and yantra. Submitted to the masks of truth, believers surrendered completely, mind, body and souls. There were believers that discovered Tetragrammaton over the zero-aleph and confessed, “I am me, no other” or the ten-hand Durga who sat on a blissful lion who danced with four-hand Shiva to defeat the armada of Evils in the grand cosmos. All factitious imaginations had been intertwined as DNA in polynucleotide sequences, composed and created by intelligent souls. Enticed by the passion to invent, there were souls who wrote Rig Vedas in DNA sequences. In fact, some of intelligent souls interleaved their ideas into human genome, which later became unshaken beliefs that God imparted His images to holy men so that images of God perceivably appeared to have human characteristics. How splendid were the intelligent souls that created beliefs and religions, which later remained as sacred domain for ages in spiritual realms of the future.

If ectodermal layers could produce nerve cells and neurons from skin cells that turned brainy, the mesodermal layers were also equally smart. From a single layer of cells, it could develop and transformed into various organs with different shapes and functions. All had been determined in the constitution of genetics, who or which would become the beating heart and its vessels, who or which stem cells would be embryonic lungs, which one would develop into liver and its relatives, the gastro-intestines, which part of the mesodermal layer would grow into external and internal genital organs, bones, spleen, kidneys, pancreas and all internal organs that strengthened the body with biochemical communication through intelligent molecules, which had receptive terminals on the cells’ surface of the formed organs as in accord to the constitution of genetics. The constitution promised a perfect life through simultaneous development of trilogy of ecto-meso-endodermal layers. That happened entirely in the pools of organogenesis. In view of active mitosis taken place as in agreement with the rules and regulations controlled wholly by polynucleotide sequences, there was a mesodermal cell specifically differentiated from others to be a distinct entity. By the time it appeared, in a split moment it became multiple. While the Learned Guru was talking, the pulsating cell lost its singularity instantly and turned to be manifold rhythmic cells with common destiny. With the help of endodermal cells, they formed a tube like a pipe that transformed into cruising vessels along side the delicate branches of central and peripheral nerves. In organogenesis, the three layers were committed for unity in harmony, keeping abreast with each other, escorting along side on every turn and corner and together they led to the new height of development, be it in remote sites of the body, what more if in main and vital sections. Togetherness was the theme of Al-Jame’[11]’. Once the vessels were formed, gush of blood from the pools surged the empty space created by the vessels' cells that enthusiastically executed the cascade of genetic commands, the angiogenesis. The admission of the blood from the pools brought along souls of water and air, supplying hearty nutrients and oxygen to launch a massive construction in an offensive manner in lines of occupying newly developing territories. The spread of blood vessels had reached to a critical point. In spite of such situation, the adaptation of vessels’ cells to local needs was excellent. Accordingly, the gurus differed in theirs views on the issue. The evolutionists reckoned that adaptation to the need of supplying blood to new territories was responsible to the formation of pumping chambers. Thus, in one section of the vessels, the cells became dilated, transforming the first single chamber into two pounding ventricles, which later developed two additional chambers to facilitate the pumping mechanism. But it was strongly argued by the deterministic gurus, why only on one particular area of the vessels decided to become a heart? Definitely, it was already encoded in double helix spirals of DNA about whom, where and when the vessels’ cells and its affiliates would build four chambers pumping muscles. This was not a coincidental phenomenon over the compelling drive of internal adaptation. It was, according to the deterministic gurus, a pre-ordained determination from a single cell that had programmes for the existence of colossal life. Generally, for every single step of creation, the so-called gurus would differ in opinions. It was an accepted truth during its period while the other was right according to current trend of popular thoughts, which offered temporary and rather a relative truth. Truth usually had its age. In truth, there was also some degree of falseness. What was considered right, occasionally it wasn’t? It might have been true and right for many ages, thousands of years, nevertheless there were times and periods, the so-called absolute truth was no long hold, buried over times that searched for the new truth, which was not certain for how long it would last. Thus, truth had its expiry date. When truth died, new truth would be born to be a novel belief of truth for a significant period of time. Subsequently, truth became a new commodity for some aspiring gurus. They claimed with arguments, proofs and evidences, presented over the eyes of heedful observers and over the tongue-twisted deliberation with refined literary discourse, therefore the truth would be accepted till it reached its expiry date and the demise of truth would be buried in a coffin that no longer be exhumed. Only Al-Haqq of The Most High, Al-’Ali held The Absolute Truth, uttered the Learned Guru to five disciples.

But the truth of organogenesis remained, from the pools of genesis to the afterfuture. The vessel that specialized to become a heart with four synchronically beating chambers was automatically contracting continuously except when it died. The organ pumped blood from the pools that surged the wandering vessels, cruising along side with ramified nerves, the ones that leaved the heart were known as arteries and the ones that entered were called veins. Together they formed another trilogy of lines that toured the entire routes to penetrate and leave organs, muscles and bones, carrying macro and micronutrients, minerals, oxygen, hormones, and eicosonoids through arteries, arterioles and capillaries. It took away waste products, carbon dioxide and urea to be excreted and whenever possible to be recycled.

So the formed heart had its first two prime branches to its self. Like a crown, the encircling coronary vessels managed to make cardiologists laughing to the banks. With scalpels and plastic catheters, the cardiology gurus understood cardiogenesis, angiogenesis and neurogenesis as a trilogy of distribution like the branches of a tree and the branching channels of a Nabataean leaf. All were the formula of nucleotides that arranged genes for motifs and patterns of ramification in branching, whether in animal or plant kingdoms. Why the hands and feet had five fingers and toes, asked the Learned Guru. What was the formula of branching theorem? There must be mathematics behind phenomenology. Beyond doubt, there were algebra and calculus responsible for the spread of life that followed laws of mathematics. Therefore, the genes arrangers obviously were the spirits of a mathematical genius that deduced numerical solutions in the dicing of purines and pyrimidines. The root word in ‘genius’ was semantically GENE. The dicing theory was opposed completely by theologians; nevertheless the mathematical solution was bestowed by His essence of Al-Hasib[12] and Al-Muhsi, The Reckoner.

After explaining neuro-angio-cardiogenesis, which was regarded as the union of three primeval layers, a question emerged on what role did the endodermal layer play in organogenesis? While mesoderm developed organs such as heart, liver, spleen, reproductive organs, kidneys, lungs and etc, and then the endodermal layer covered all hollow organs such as stomach and bowels. Internally, it coated every single tube and vessel. The inner surface was always in contact with something that moved, be it many kinds of fluid (whether mucous or blood), semi-solid materials or even air such as in pneumonic realm. In arteries, it became the pleasing endothelium that maintained its lumen remained patent until it was gradually damaged by bad cholesterols and solidifying saturated fats, forming gluey plaques that blocked arteries with consequences of depriving oxygen and nutrients to cells and organs, leading to sufferings and deaths. If blockage involved was a vital organ, it might lead to organ failure, the owner of the organ would die because of heart attack if the organ is a heart and if blockage in brains' vessels, death awaited in stroke, coma and protracted paralysis. Besides that, they filled hospitals, hospices and old age homes in coming future with diseased hearts and impaired brains. Furthermore, they flooded graveyards and turned into a necropolis without the need to go to wars but they died anyway in the wars of internal organs with diseases from the pools of organogenesis till the time of futureafter, when the organogenesis would take place synthetically through genetics engineering. The genes for other organs in the stem cell would be manipulated by switching it off while the genes for a particular organ would be left in ‘on’ position, thus the proud genetic manipulators claimed that their organs cloning were more perfect than the ones in the pools of organogenesis. The switch operators used the mind and knowledge created by the souls of genetic embroiders in the eons of bioorganic soup, tasted like amniotic fluid that reined the pools of genesis and it was actually the same souls with His essence of Al-Khaliq, The Creator that planned to create bodies and body parts as they had done it before. The arrogant genetic switch operators proudly claimed ingenuity of creative works on genes without realising that they were merely genes’ plagiarists who stole the sacred works of The Al-Khaliq and showed no respect and tribute to the real Creator. Then in the era of coming future and futureafter, they were awarded Nobel Prizes for their ingenuity to plagiarize the sequence of genes that already been composed, arranged and created, which were freely available in the open world. But unfortunately, there were no florid tributes to The Magnificent Creator of all, He who showed His greatness in all things and all ways, Al-Mutakabbir, The Majestic. All lionized acknowledgments were given to the plagiarists so they raced to plagiarize genes and created anything desirable, eager to be bestowed highest awards as genetic thieves in the eyes of creative souls. Each time new award-winning discovery had been announced; the creative souls were amused by the announcement. These were many jokes and humours rendered amongst the amused souls how the thieves and plagiarists were admired and adorned for their invention.

It was in the pools of organogenesis that organs were initially developed, which eventually were plagiarized in reproductive and selective cloning. Amongst the souls of genes’ arrangers and weavers, there were finger pointing who were responsible for faulty sequence so that the secrets of organogenesis were partially copied by plagiarists. It might be souls that allowed such plagiarism. After extensive investigation, apparently it was discovered that amongst creative souls, there were some level of incompetence. A strong sense of doubt was ventilated about the competency level of certain creative souls who were not only incompetent during the aeon of bioorganic soup but also in the futureafter. These pathetic souls, besides being incompetent in arranging the nucleotides in perfect manner but also allowed faulty genes to be inherited to future generations, causing lasting hardships to the owners of deformed organs. Thus, in view of such anticipated happenings, the superintelligents souls designed a back-up system so that a manifested guru would appear in time as a result of genetic composition, which would convey messages that later allowed the possibility for the plagiarists to use the knowledge of cloning to save the owners of faulty organs with biosynthetic ones. At times, the genetically manipulated products were superior to the ones created by the inept souls in the pools of organogenesis. How magnificent The True Creator was, to create plagiarists to rectify mistakes done by incompetent souls. He is The Al-Mu’id, The Restorer, Whom restored all errors and mistakes.

There was not a single period of time where gurus had stopped telling about genesis and its pools. In a pool with stinking smell, there were kidneys as organs in making. Actually, a nephron unit originated from mesodermal layer that specialised into a nephrocyte, said a guru. And this nephrocyte would become a niche for Nephrogenesis, which would develop kidneys in the coming future and futureafter. In the genesis pools, where kidneys were formed in various shapes for different categories of animals, from pre-historic creatures, reptilians, birds, mammals to human. When a guru recalled about human, he was wandering about the origin of the word human. According to the guru, the word ‘human’ was a derivative of the word ‘man’. And ‘man’ was an abbreviation of ‘human’ and ‘manus’, meaning hand in semantics. So a man was a creature who was good and skilful with hands as the source of all goodness was from His Merits of Al-Barr[13] and An-Nafi’[14]. Pre-historic animals, reptilians and birds either had no hands or had some rudimentary fore limbs. No hands meant that there was no manus. And four-leg mammals were not skilful to use fore limbs as hands except in circus arena. Bipedalism that upheld bimana was a creation of intelligent souls who wished to separate man from the rest of other species. In spite of having hands, monkeys, chimpanzees and orang utan could not utilize their hands as good as human except for swinging from trees to trees. The dexterity to use hand or manus made Homo sapiens was called Hu-Man, semantically meant hunters or hunting with hands, said the Learned Guru. The dexterity of human hands was not only in hunting but also related to dexterous brains that gave them rational thinking, wisdom and sense of respect to nature and humour. The later, according to another guru that human was man with humours. Many did not share this short-sighted view. Jokingly, said the Learned Guru, one might acknowledge the association of humour with human in seeking genealogical explanation of the word ‘human’. His disciples laughed. But the Learned Guru said that human was an improved hybrid of previous DNA sequence, which was built from earlier set of DNA sequence and this earlier set, was also from another genetic sequence of the past generations. Back into a distant past, the intelligent souls had designed human’s waste disposal organ. That was the reason why in the pools organogenesis, the mesoderm was busy building proto-kidneys that would fill the pools of nephrogenesis.

These were kidneys-to-be that cleansed dirt and metabolic waste through formation of urine that filled the pools with stinking odour. Together with kidneys, they built ureters and bladders. Many were astonished how urinary system had been built so close to reproductive system. No wonder the pools of kidneys were located at the vicinity of the pools of reproductive organs. In some pools, both organs developed side by side in the same pools. On the surface of the pools, the full bladders floated with its erected phalluses sprinkled urine like fountains. And empty wombs drifted together with erected male genital organs in ejaculating festival, raining sperm into amniotic-like salty water of the pools, leaving overlapping waves with deformed ripples. It was in these pools that the intelligent souls intertwined creative nucleotides to materialize spermatogenesis and oogenesis. According to the Learned Guru, whatever kinds of genesis in question, all were cooked up and brewed in the pools of genesis, be it monogenesis, pangenesis even polygenesis. One might believe in maternogenesis or paternogenesis, in fact all kinds of genesis ever existed in the mind of gurus were the works of creative souls that weaved DNA in grandiose designs in line of His quality of the Al-Khabir.[15] Ironically, there were still so-called thinkers amongst gurus albeit knowing that it would be easier to construct genetically an egg rather than a whole chicken. And yet they argued relentlessly through out ages without any outcomes. The dispute between ovulis versus animalculis remained to stay despite of tons of evidence. An egg was actually a unicellular that contained sets of genes in the chromosomes of the egg’s yolk. If the genetic sequences were in order and as its prescription, it would appear as birds or chickens with its genetic diversity, from wide variety of avian species to the flightless birds or to the mythical Garuda.

Intrigued by the events in the pools of spermatogenesis and oogenesis, one guru asked why the creative souls crafted creatures with five fingers. Why pentadactily? Why were some organs paired and others remained single? Why cranial nerves have twelve pairs? Why were there twelve equal pairs of ribs for men and women? There must be a mathematical formula used by the creative souls but many gurus searched for a unified grand theory to explain the bizarre mathematics of creative souls. Unfortunately, none of them could deduce a solid explanation. Nevertheless despite of the mathematical confusion, in the pools of reproductive organs, there were cells that participated in epigenesis programme, and then decided to become a placenta which sucked blood from the pools of haemopoetic system but the umbilical cords poured blood profusely to the pools of amniotic fluid like a bursting high-pressure pipe. Floating in the pools of reproductive organs were the foetuses with snapped umbilical cords, some were still alive even though they were not breathing. There were animal embryos as well a gilled human embryo. In one corner, there were foetuses with one-eyed monsters. In another, there were horned forehead foetuses. In between, there were small skull microcephalic foetuses intermingling with the foetuses with huge gigantic brain, the macrocephaly. Some human embryos displayed its ancestor’s reptilian tails, a few inherited the beast genes from stripes tiger's foetuses, many with abnormal features, some with scaly skin, some with peculiar fins, others with elongated tails and elongated noses, some foetuses grew hair over the entire body, some with human head attached to animal body and some were the opposite of the later. Anything imaginable about all possibility was already present in the infinite mind of the Learned Guru. In the pools of spermatogenesis and oogenesis, when a spermatozoon met an oocyte, it would transform into a zygote, which proliferated by incessant mitosis until they became a creature with placenta that attached to the floor of the pools, siphoning blood for development in the pools of organogenesis. The creatures were suspended in amniotic like fluid, alive but not breathing. They were kept alive by the blood from the pools, which provided nutrients and oxygen to ensure creativity of the souls that entwined polynucleotides to produce boundless genetic diversity.

[1] The Everlasting.
[2] The Finder: He Who finds whatever He wants in the time He desires.
[3] The Compassionate.
[4] The First.
[5] The Last.
[6] Used in astronomy to measure the size of a galaxy,
[7] Books written by Ummar Khayyam.
[8] The Loving; He Who loves those who do good and bestows on them His compassion.
[9] The Compassionate; He Who is benign.
[10] The Generous One.
[11] The Gatherer: He who collects things, gathers them, anywhere He wants, at any time.
[12] The Reckoner; He Who knows in detail the account of things people do throughout their lives.
[13] The Source of All Goodness.
[14] The Propitious; He Who creates all things which provides goodness and benefit.
[15] The Aware.

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