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3.TheThird Night;
The Phytogenesis

When the internal cellular milieu became stable, everything was in a serene peace without turmoil because the genetic equilibrium was at a balancing zero. For a long protracted ephemeral period, there were no genetic exchanges, no genetic import-export, and the creative souls garnered ideas then kept on asking whether we had reached our objectives. Mitosis, mitosis, mitosis............... every second was for mitosis. Every second was for plagiarism. Mitosis was a plagiaristic act. Mitosis, plagiarizing, mitosis, plagiarizing, mitosis...........Thus plagiarizing was an organic activity of nature.

Ah, damned boring, uttered the souls who previously were activists, composers and creators of genes. There were all anti-plagiarists. However, there was no body that was not a plagiarist, said the Guru.

Even for an elegant writer, his skill was essentially how refined to conceal his plagiarism then what later appeared to be regarded as an original work, which bear the icon of copy right reserve. Unlike mitosis, copying with a perfect replication, the elegant writer was a simile to a gene weaver. In weaving letters, words and sentences, the writer’s masterpiece became a tale, a novel, a discourse and a magnum opus or alike. Once printed, it was mitosis with a consented plagiarism. Until there was a mutator that altered the genetic sequence as the writer substituted words with synonyms to somebody else’s work, then he proclaimed as his copyright. It was a blatant falsehood that the eyes could hear and the ears could see which were equally deceived by the ploy of the plagiarist.

In fact, according to the Learned Guru, there were other gurus who could see music, could listen to a painting, and even could taste shapes and forms from senses of the gustatory tongue. Hence, the claims were exploited to promote his works as the sixth sense perception or as a result of mystical transcendence through vertical journey to the celestial heaven, bringing back the acclaimed divine words based on hallucinating mind, full of supernatural stories. The languages of the earth brought to the heaven in dreams, descended as divine prose, claimed the psyche’s addicts. The only divine Qalam was of His Al-Qudus[1], explained the Learned Guru to his disciples.

Surprisingly, there were souls that justified plagiarism. Without it, who were to fill the universe? Not other than the imitation products of earlier creation. The so-called creators were not many in quantity but the plagiarists were innumerable in billion and zillion. The universe was full of plagiarists, copiers, and imitators.

Then the outspoken souls condemned those who were mean toward plagiarists. They were created to be plagiarists. The plagiarism was moulded by the souls that weaved specific nucleotides for such unavoidable propensity. The creators and plagiarists were partners. The plagiarists should be condemned if they claimed as the owner of the copyrights. But the right to be a plagiarist should be generally accepted because they occupied the vastness of the universe. The plagiarist became a creator when he intelligently copied and cleverly concealed his plagiarism. With only one percent of original idea blended in, then he could claim to be a promising creator or inventor. It was different with mitosis, which duplicated an exact copy with excellent perfection. The perfect plagiarism had been admired for its homogeneity. Was it not the semantics of homogeny to mean, “Possessing the identical genes”? The homogeny was a result of a perfect plagiarism, uttered the Guru.

This was what happened in the pool of bio-organic soup. The mitosis with its homogenous products was filling up the entire pool, which was enriched with proteins and phyto-nutrients. In fact, when the first unicellular existed, there were two unicellular cells that turned into the primordial stem cells. Respectively, each was representing the Animals Kingdom and the Plants Kingdom.

Who was amongst the four primal souls, fire, water, wind and soil responsible for founding the Kingdom of Plants? The Guru who put the question gave the answer himself. According to the tale, the Plants Kingdom was founded by the spirit of wind who wisely composed the proportion of air that suitable for the life in the biosphere. The balanced composition of the air was not only for the Kingdom of Plants but also for the Kingdom of Animals.

It was intentionally designed to create an atmosphere of interdependency between the two kingdoms, said one guru, according to the Learned Guru who was telling the stories about an ecosystem that existed in the pool of the bioorganic soup. In the pool, there was architecture of ecological pyramid, ready to operate for as long as in the afterfuture, except if there were heinous hands that broke the fragile frame of the pyramid into pieces. Then the ecological pyramid would collapse, the creatures and plants became extinct as a result of disregard the laws of nature. The eco-sphere created by The Al-Bari, The Maker, as an environment together with His essence of Al-Hafizh, the Keeper, and the balancing act of nature was impeccably sustained between the two kingdoms by His Divine Singularity of Al-Ahad.[2]

Then, there was a guru who did not agree with the notion that the spirit of wind was a founder of the Kingdom of Plants. According to him, it was the spirit of soil as the pioneer of establishing the Plants Kingdom. Without the spell of its spirits, the plants’ roots had no place to grow. However, it was argued by the spirit of water, without his contribution, the Kingdom of Plants would not have existed. The furious spirit of fire claimed a sole creator over its capacity to provide eternal energy to the kingdom. Without energy the Kingdom of Plants would not be present. Such individual claims were ancient myths, which had been told repeatedly till the afterfuture. In fact, the truth that all four spirits joined hands to collaborate; not only in founding the Kingdom of Plants but also actively participated in the creation of Animals Kingdom. To the reason why some gurus liked to incite conflicts amongst primal spirits, the Learned Guru simply reminded of personal interest of championing only one particular spirit. Were not the four of them working together under the command of His Might The Al-Aziz[3] to allow the four spirits to participate in the creation of the universe?

It was not difficult for them to cooperate since they had done it several times before, even forever. That was the argument of other gurus from different ages. Definitely, there were many gurus in all orders of time but not as many as the intelligent souls that weaved theirs respective nucleotides. For obvious reasons, the souls had to champion themselves as each gene had its own missions and pledges.

While the Kingdom of Plants did not exist through revolution as one deranged guru once put it, neither as slow as evolution but it was estimated to begin in the carboniferous period, about three hundred seventy five million years ago. During that period, the intelligent souls were busy to synthesize carbon. Without the charcoal properties of carbon, there would not be an era for organic chemistry. When there was no organic chemistry, there would neither be a period for bioorganic. Therefore, there would be no life.

It was true what the smart guru was saying, the four primal souls united in harmony. Who was the one that burnt the elementary particles until the charred matters turned into charcoal? It was no other than the spirit of fire who made carbon atoms to participate. Then the spirit of wind blew oxygenated air to chemically bind with the red molten carbon. Subsequently, the spirit of water showered the burning carbon, extinguishing its red flame to become floating charcoal whilst the spirit of soil served as the containment. The collaboration of the four primeval souls formed carbon dioxide in the water as well in the air. That was the beginning point of a carbon cycle. It was completely a new beginning, not an ordinary one. Wonderfully, a novel commencement had been initiated. Before this, there was no carbon and no carbon dioxide. Therefore, such creation was an authentic copyright of the blissful primordial souls.

In the serene amniotic-like fluid that filled up the pool of bio-organic soup, not only the proto-animal cells emerged as a unicellular protozoa, there were unicellular proto-nabataean cells as well, the floating ancient cells drifted over tiny waves of slightly tranquil pools of amniotic-like fluid. The proto-nabataean had acquired an organelle known as plastid through endosymbiosis or a synthesis of nuclear genes. Every being in the pool was the creation of various souls that entwined the interwoven nucleotides for both Animals and Plants Kingdoms. In the Kingdom of Plants, a type of green algae spontaneously existed on the efforts of the intelligent green souls. In the coming future, Margulis reiterated a serial symbiosis theory in which a pro-chlorophyte bacterial cell became ancestors to all green algae and plants. From the beginning of the formation of bio-organic soup, there was symbiosis among new dwellers of the pool that tasted like amniotic fluid.

The intermediate cell of prokaryotes together with the blue-green algae through genetic intelligence, they synthesized an enzyme called nitroGENase that participated in NitroGEN cycle then made amino acids from the free nitroGEN in the atmosphere. All along, the ecosystem between the Plants and Animals Kingdoms was a result of responses to His divine calls, The Al-Mutakabbir[4], the microbes and fungi in turn manufactured ammonia that to be released to the atmosphere as free nitrogen. There were bacteria over the roots of plants that bind nitroGEN and its nitrate compound to return to the Kingdom of Nabataean in order to complete the cycle of nitroGEN. Indeed the entirety was a produce of the genetic intelligence, adanya. Were not the suffix of GEN in oxygen, hydrogen, and nitrogen merely a terminal homophone as in semantics, rather than the first user was trying to associate the GEN with GENESIS. Were not them the matters that involved with the real genesis, the making of the genes? Only Al-Latif [5]could illuminate the delicate and subtle meaning of genesis as He Who knew.

In the pool of bio-organic soup, there were cells kept injecting among themselves and between eukaryotic cells through infection or symbiosis theory. Persistently, there were always interdependency between mitochondria, chloroplasts and cynobacteria. The mitochondria needed oxygen. The chloroplast and cynobacteria received solar photons then converted carbon dioxide in the chlorophyll into oxygen that to be extensively utilized by the whole cells in the Animals Kingdom.

From the beginning of life in both Kingdoms, the green emblem was a symbol of a harmonious ecological system of the pool’s environment. The harmony of a balanced eco-system was attributed to His qualities of Al- Hafizh and Al- Muqiit, The Keeper and The Maintainer. The green colour changed its frequency and intensity as the eyes moved farther, then it appeared to be azure blue in brilliant colour from outer space, making the blue planet the most beautiful star in the universe.

The carbon dioxide released in the air and water of the bio-sphere’s pool, was a metabolic waste from the cells of the Animals Kingdom, which needed recycling. With the wisdom of the green spirits, recycling came naturally. The green spirits designed the development of chloroplast, an organelle in the cells of green algae. The green pigment was the colour of chlorophyll flag that co-existed in harmony with other dwellers of the pool. It was a symbol of equilibrium between two kingdoms that shared a common eco-system. With the spirit of fire from the blazing sun beamed its blissful rays, its essence in form of the intelligent photons stewed the chlorophyll in the chloroplast, resulted a new miracle that astonished Al-nabati[6] and gurus from all ages; on how a crystal clear water mixed with carbon dioxide upon exposed to sunlight, the brilliant green pigment would be able to synthesize glucose, other carbon complexes and the precious oxygen to form parts and parcels of the essential bio-organic substances to enliven life, to offer sustenance to all cells in the Kingdom of Animals.

Without nutrition, they died in hunger, without oxygen they expired in asphyxiation and when the green algae also died after serving the Kingdom of Nabataean, part of its would be converted to carbon dioxide, rejoining the carbon cycle while the other part of the expired algae was turned into fuel fossil. In later ages, the entrapped spirits of fire would be dancing in combustion chambers of hostile machines, which mobilized progress in future but not necessarily in the afterfuture. For four hundred thirty million years, the fossilised plants from the Silurian Period took that long to process and turned into hydrocarbon liquid and through future distillation to remove impurities; the black crude oil became the most wanted golden fuel for the avaricious tycoons whose motto was "Greed is great". But unfortunately, under the hands of future beings, the fossil fuel was burnt in a few seconds only. It was rapidly depleted and no ways for the people of the afterfuture to be warmed by the spirits of fire during the carnage of winter blizzard.

Nothing did they realised, said the ecology guru who was an environmental cant by frightening people that when the fossil fuel completely depleted from the fossiliferous strata, the earth would stop revolving as like there was no more fuel in a motorised vehicle. The early signs of fossil fuel depletion were an extended drought for more than a year, a prolonged winter that lasted several years, a persistent high tide without any evidence to subside and when the rain came, it just did not know how to stop bringing extensive flooding to almost everywhere. As the earth moved slowly, all workaholics were jumping in joys, the things that they longed for sometimes now it had materialised. They always prayed asking for twenty-six hours a day. For twenty-four hours a day, practically they had to run while working. But when daytime had to wait thirty hours for night to come, a disrupted circadian cycle went berserk to cause significant physiological disturbances; the workaholics became crazy when night came only after twenty-four hours of day-time.

Many got sick. Eventually human became extinct just simply because the earth stopped revolving due to no more fuel in the fossiliferous strata. It was a tale of fanatic environmentalists who converted environmentalism into a religion. The green bluff was an agenda of the rain forest activists who was bribed with the jet set living by the manufacturers of steel, aluminium and synthetic materials. The poor countries got poorer as theirs high quality timber had been tagged in red while the soft wood from developed and rich countries had been labelled green to signify environmentally friendly.

Almost all gurus in all orders of time realised the importance of green metaphors in much deeper meaning of the life in the bio-organic soup, which displayed a strong interdependency amongst the dwellers of the pool in a balanced eco-system with the solar photon beams and with all the intelligent spirits of the polynucleotides that cleverly and diligently weaved DNA to create organisms far more complex than protozoa and chlorophyte.

It took million of years for the phyto-genesis in the pool of bioorganic soup to form super-kingdoms, kingdoms, phylum and sub-phylum of the Nabataean as for His virtue of Al-Mu’akhkhir[7]. Relentlessly, it built and created continuously in order to diversify the plethora of the Nabataean greens to be as thick as the rain forests. The dwellers of the forests in bio-diversified manifestations from kaum pulai to pulai basung, from pulai penipu bukit to pulai penipu paya with the canopy of the Jelutong Dyera, which covered its families from the jelutong pipit, kemuning hutan the tiny pong pong that branching at the base to the rubber tree family of Euphorbia genus were creepers such as Omphalea, Mallotus repandus, Bredelia, Pterococus, Cnesmone and Megistostigma. All were members of the Nabataean rain forests. In the forests, there was green poetry that rhymed a botanic melody like metaphors of a poet.

Kembang semangkuk jantung[8]
Angsana julong-julong[9]
Kulim [10]serendah[11] jelutong[12]
Masuk hutan usahlah menyombong [13]
Flowers in a bowl of heart
The premier tree of an esteemed Angsana
Kulim as short as the jelutong monkey
Entering a forest do not be arrogant

Kedondong bulan[14] kayu rindu
Cinta mula nyatuk kekabu
Surian wangi [15]tampang mengkudu[16]
Pokok melaka[17] setunduk tembusu[18].

The round moon in the woods of desire
A first love like firm cotton’s flower
The perfume of surian lingers noticeable mengkudu.
A Malacca tree surrendered to mariner's lover

Petaling ramin pinang muda[19]
Ipoh [20]sepetir kangsar penaga[21]
Kelumpang[22] ara berteh paya
Dedalu [23]ekor kuda rasamala.[24]

Petaling ramin the beetle-nuts
Lightening across Ipoh, kangsar and penaga
Turns Kelumpang ara into a herbal tea swamp
A horse’s tail dedalu could neutralise the spell of misfortune

Bintagor [25]star [26]tongkat ali[27]
Hujan panas[28] penawar pahit[29]
Setambun[30] cempaka [31]misi kenari
Kelerai [32]tertiup balik angin[33]

Bintagor and tongkat ali are the stars of forest
But the warm rain brings good despite a bitter cure
A bunch of cempaka flowers from a fleet of canary
Kelerai get blown by the whirlpool current

Kemenyang burung menterbang[34] mentigi[35]
Ramin dara elok [36]menasi kasuari
Jati dedali[37] saga mata keli[38]
Pahlawan mertajam[39] melunak [40]keranji
Gegatal bebusuk mempening tuba-tuli[41]
Punah[42]lah maharaja kayu di api-api.

The bird of kemenyang flies high
Ramin, a beautiful virgin smells like kusuari rice
Jati, dedali, saga are captured by the eye of keli fish
A sharp-pronged warrior could soften the keranji tree
The smelly itch causes giddiness and intoxicating deaf
For the Emperor of Timbre vanishes in the blazing fire.

The poem of rain forest had echoed by the green souls of our ancestors that gave names to the canopies, creepers and climbers. The majestic canopies were scared because of its huge size and its green spirits had been respected, exalted and dignified as the trees and its relatives could live up to five thousand years. The pre-historic people worshiped the majesty of trees as they had already searched God for over thousand of years. But only in later aeon did people realize that it was the quintessence of The Dhul-Jalal-Wal-Ikram[43] that embodied in trees to reach them, not to be worshipped but respected.

The botanical diversity in the Nabataean paradise had been genetically preserved for as long as hundred million years but later the genetic sanctuary was threatened by the evil spirits and forest destroyers with its army of bulldozers, uprooted trees from its domiciles with inaudible weeping sound from the souls of the forest, pleading for mercy. The forest had been transformed into a flattened barren field to give ways for the high-ways and concrete jungles that brought new dwellers, which contaminated rivers, lakes, and soil and polluted the air with fatal carcinogenic chemicals.

According to some Nabataean gurus, they over-simplified the complexity of botanical diversity into a two-paged classification. There were two super-kingdoms, Prokarionta and Eukarionta and one kingdom of Plantae. In the future and afterfuture, the Kingdom of Plantae would sustain and afforest the jungles, shrubs and weeds.

It took hundred million of years to complete and had served nature as air cleaners, humidifiers and conditioners as it absorbed energy from the spirit of the sun then supply nourishment and oxygen to the inhabitants of the earth and members of the Nabataean Kingdom. However bad hands and greedy entrepreneurs with fleets of heavy machinery could deforest the thick jungle in a tiny fraction of time compared to hundred million of years to build.

Instantly, the rain forest became an open field, killing all species of Nabataean life, vanished its treasured bio-diversity, chased the forest’s residents from its natural habitat like stateless refugees. Should not the spirits of the forest become angry? Then they ignored the anger of the spirits without any biological and botanic compensation. Instead, they built estates that were not environment-friendly at all. Only a single plant monopolized the vast land that was once occupied by a thick rain forest.

To them, a solitary money-making plant should be cultivated by the oligopoly. If there were wild grass, weeds, creepers and climbers tried to re-colonise the occupied zone, the intruders would be sprayed by the nasty plant genocide. Hence, the new Nabataean Kingdom of clones became the puppet ruler for the greedy entrepreneurs. From one period to another, more and more forests vanished to extinction to give ways to the so-called development. For whom this development meant?” asked the Learned Guru. Was it the spirits of development? The spirits of development was a modern soul of the afterfuture.

Indeed, the Kingdom of Nabataean had genetic bank to keep the secret of intelligent molecules that could cure various diseases of the future and afterfuture. In it, the green souls had woven specific combination of DNA to synthesize herbs as healing potions and remedies for ages.

Concealing and keeping medicinal molecules in roots, barks, leaves, flowers, fruits and seeds for future remedy were the qualities of Al-Waajidi[44] Who awaited research to rediscover its medicinal values and properly used for treatment while in agony of pain. There were already medicines factories in the Kingdom of Nabataean. The polynucleotides had been arranged and composed to form genes to synthesize medicines, to alleviate suffering when malady spell wreaked healthy bodies. For centuries, in true facts from the beginning of two kingdoms, the medicines and plants were inseparable allied. During genesis, there were already pharmaceutical industries in the pool of bio-organic soup that created medicine genes, and then in later period, the genes were inserted in the genome of various species in the Nabataean Kingdom and as well in the genome of all species of the Animals Kingdom. In the same way, the intelligent souls entwined information on how to manufacture aspirin in the bark of willow tree that belonged to Salix genus. Eventually a guru plagiarized it without acknowledging the true Creator.

He reproduced chemically an analogue through applied technology, which simulated a process occurring naturally in the remote past. With the same DNA intelligence, digitalis had been preserved in the foxglove’s leaves of Digitalis purpurea and Digitalis lanata that were used later by healers to save ailing hearts. The same thing was done to tongkat Ali, which was popularly claimed to offer rejuvenation of the lost phallic joys of an andropause, to become youthful with full of lusts. The marvel of brilliant DNA arrangements of the poppy was responsible to make opium that bore morphine in it and as well in the meditating minds, it could transcend the practitioners to celestial haven, the similar DNA was secreting endorphins that levitated Sufis to the heavenly realms. What they had experienced was no difference than the runners’ high and sceptical orientalist called it as the Sufis’ high. But the truth was that He, The Al-Ali[45], The Most High Who put Sufis levitated to His realm. Only Sufis and lovers of God could share the secret of all secrets and for them, God bestowed His essence of Al-Wali.[46]

According to one guru, the opiate derivatives that was synthesized by a sequence of DNA in both Kingdoms, whether it was in Nabataean or Animals Kingdom, the DNA sequence was inserted by the creative souls who liked to compose nucleotides just like a literature laureate in the coming future. In the human genes, there were vegetative genes that programmed the synthesis of endorphins to alleviate pain during acute stage of agony, besides to levitate minds to His Divine residence though continuous meditation.

Was not all a faithful totality? There was no place for deduction and reduction, which perceived the stories of genesis through knowledge’s fragments. Through these fragments, various disciplines of knowledge were developed for self-interest of the respective schools of thoughts, which championed the course in arrogance.

It was time, said the Learned Guru to return to total knowledge, which had no walls and borders to separate a discipline from another. Return to the genesis, the power of genes from His creative essence of az-Zahiri, The Manifestor.

[1] The Most Holy
[2] The One
[3] The Mighty
[4] The Majestic
[5] The Subtle One.
[6] Referring to the Nabataean Agriculture of Ibn Wahshiyah.
[7] The Delayer; He Who delays whatever He wants.
[8] Scophium macropodum
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[10] Scorodocarpus borneesis
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[12] Dyera costulata
[13] Entering a forest, don’t ever be arrogant.
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[43] The Lord of Majesty and Bounty.
[44] The Finder, He Who finds whatever He wants in the time He desires.
[45] The Most High
[46] The Protecting Friend.

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